Birth: 1727 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Baptism: 7 December 1727

Place of Baptism: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Death: 13 December 1798 - Aged 72

Place or Registered Place of Death: Totteridge, Hertfordshire

Place of Burial: Chipping Norton Church, Oxfordshire

Father: John Paget

Mother: Martha Wallington

Spouse(s): Hannah Carlett (or Cackett)

Date of Marriage: Probably Not Married - See Notes

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: N/A


Elizabeth Edmund Paget (1774-)
Rev. William Paget (1775-1825)
Sarah Paget (1777-1853)
Francis Paget (1780-)
Hannah Paget (1782-)
Fanny Paget (1784-)
Samuel Paget (1785-)
John Paget (1786-1857)
Elizabeth Paget (1788-1834)
Charles Paget (1791-1858)


Monumental Inscriptions in Chipping Norton Church
" To the Memory of the Rev. William Pagett, M. A. late Rector of North Wingfield, in the County of Derby, son of Mr. John Pagett, late of this Town, He was Secretary to the Rt. Hon. Admiral George Lord Rodney, in all his Naval Campaigns, and died Dec. 13th, 1798, Aged 72."

Oxford University Alumni
Pagett, William, s. John, of Chipping Norton, Oxon, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 19 June, 1745, aged 16; B.A. 1749, died rector of North Wingfield, co. Derby, 12 Dec., 1798.

William was a graduate of Wadham College, Oxford, and Rector of North Wingfield, Derbyshire. In his will the elder William describes his wife Hannah Carlett as “my dear friend and real though not canonical wife”, so there is a question mark over the legitimacy of the younger William and his siblings.

The Gentleman's Magazine - 1799
May 1799. Paget. At Totteridge, Hertfordshire, the Rev. Mr. Paget, chaplain to the late Lord Rodney, and his private secretary during the greater part of his active services on board the fleet in the West Indies and at St. Eustatia; from the emoluments of which employments, the share of prize money, and the appointment of distributing it to the ships' companies under the Admiralty's direct command, he made a competent fortune, and secured the favour of his patron to his death. Though very much deformed, he was remarkably active, both in body and in mind, and particularly distinguished himself for laborious equestrian exercises. His extraordinary testamentary disposition would not have been noticed here, had not one of his friends communicated it to a similar Miscellany Last month. His not surviving the lady with whom he had passed twenty years in happy union, laid him under a necessity of discovering that she was his wife without the ceremony. He has left a son and two charming daughters, in the happiness and education of whom he was unceasingly employed.

The Naval Chronicle, Volume 1 - 1799
December 29
At Totteridge. the Rev. W. Paget, secretary to the late Lord Rodney.

European Magazine and London Review - 1798
13 December - At Totteridge, Herts, the Rev. William Pagett, rector of North Wingfield, Derbyshire, aged 71.

Evening Mail (London, England), Wednesday, December 19, 1798
Times (London, England), Friday, December 21, 1798; Issue 4363
On the 13th inst., at Totteridge, Herts, the Rev. William Pagett, Rector of North Wingfield, Derbyshire, aged 71.

.....since 1759, and an important newcomer, the Rev. William Pagett, a pushing and ambitious cleric who......

The Will of William Pagett
Names extracted from the Will
Will of Reverend William Pagett, Clerk, Rector of North Wingfield, Derbyshire 04 January 1799 PROB 11-1318
- William Beisley (East India director, Executor)
- Thomas Druce (brother in law, of Chancery Lane. Executor)
- William Pagett alias Cackett (son, of Queen's College Cambridge, Executor, born 17 Oct 1775)
- Hannah Pagett nee Cackett (friend and real tho' not ceremonial wife)
- Abby Pagett (sister) [note: is the same as the 'Sibby' that is transcribed from other records]
- Simon Pagett (kinsman, with the living of Milton alias Middleton Malsor)
- Elizabeth (wife of Simon Pagett)
- Martha (sister, wife of Thomas Druce)
- Mary Druce (daughter of Thomas and Martha)
- Ann Druce (ditto)
- Martha Mackarness (ditto)
- Sophia Burrows (ditto)
- Charles Druce (son of Thomas and Martha)
- John Druce (ditto)
- Mrs Hughes (daughter of deceased sister Mackarness)
- Mary Hughes (daughter of Mrs Hughes)
- Martha Holtom (daughter of deceased sister Mackarness)
- Elizabeth Mackarness (spinster, youngest daughter of deceased sister Mackarness)
- Thomas Bradley Pagett
- Elizabeth Hastings
- Sarah Pagett alias Cackett (daughter, spinster, born 21 Aug 1777)
- John Pagett alias Cackett (son, at school with Mr Hunt at Muswell Hill, born 29 May 1786)
- Elizabeth Pagett alias Cackett (daughter, born 22 Aug 1788)
- Charles Pagett alias Cackett (son, born 28 Oct 1791)
[baptism of youngest three children registered at South Mimms, oldest two baptised but not registered]
- Hon. Charles William Wyndham (life insured)
- Sir Charles Price (of Blount Court, Oxfordshire, life insured)
- Richard Collett (of Chancery Lane)
- James Green (life insured)
- Hon. Lewis [ ?]
- Robert [?]
- Mrs Wynstanley
Will dated 3 Feb 1798

Codicil dated 4 Mar 1798
- wife has become insane

William PAGETT
+ Hannah Cackett
William PAGETT b. 17 Oct 1775
Sarah PAGETT b. 21 Aug 1777
John PAGETT b. 29 May 1786
Elizabeth PAGETT b. 22 Aug 1788
Charles PAGETT b. 28 Oct 1791
+ Thomas DRUCE
Martha DRUCE
Sophia DRUCE
Charles DRUCE
+ MACKARNESS d.bef. Feb 1798

+ Elizabeth

Rev. William Paget, M.A.