Birth: 17 May 1889

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Beaudesert Park, Rugby, Warwickshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 11 February 1952 - Aged 62

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: Alexander Victor Paget

Mother: Hester Alice Stapleton-Cotton


1. Olive Mary Meatyard

2. Bridget Colebrooke

Date of Marriage:

1. 16 January 1913

2. 29 March 1922

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Paddington, London

2. Registry Office, Marylebone, London


Marriage to Olive Mary Meatyard:

Henry Alexander Reginald Paget (1914-1995)
Peggy Hester Pauline Paget (1913-)

Marriage to Bridget Colebrooke:

Nicholas David Paget (1924-2003)
Ann Paget (1923-2000)


Lord Victor William Paget was born on 17 May 1889. He was the son of Lord Alexander Victor Paget and Hon. Hester Alice Stapleton-Cotton. He married, firstly, Olive Mary Meatyard, daughter of George Meatyard, on 16 January 1913. He and Olive Mary Meatyard were divorced in 1921. He married, secondly, Hon. Bridget Colebrooke, daughter of Sir Edward Arthur Colebrooke, 1st and last Baron Colebrooke and Alexandra Harriet Paget, on 29 March 1922. He and Hon. Bridget Colebrooke were divorced in 1932. He married, thirdly, Mavis Crockford, daughter of William Crockford, on 7 October 1935. He died on 11 February 1952 at age 62. Lord Victor William Paget fought in the First World War. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Royal Horse Artillery (Blues). He was decorated with the award of Military Cross (M.C.) in 1918.

The New York Times - January 17, 1913
Weds Gaiety Actress
Lord -Victor Paget Married to Olive May, an American.
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph
to The New York Times.
London, Jan. 16.-The Marquis of Anglesey was present today at the marriage of his brother, Lord Victor Paget, to Olive May, the American Gaiety actress, whose engagement to the young nobleman had been a matter of common knowledge for over a year. The Marquis's wedding gift, it is understood, was a settlement of $5,000 a year each on the bride and bridegroom.

The wedding was a, quiet affair. The wedding party lunched at the Carlton Hotel before the couple started for Paris and the Riviera.

Miss May,. who signed the register as Olive May Meatyard, describing her father as a jeweller, bade good-by last Saturday night to -.the Gaiety stage, where she had been playing in the “Sunshine Girl."

Lord Victor is now the heir to the Anglesey marquisate, but his brother was recently married.

The New York Times - March 30, 1922
Lord Paget Marries the Hon. Bridget Colebrooke.
Special Cable to The New York Times.
London, March 29.-Lord Victor Paget and the Hon. Bridget Colebrooke, daughter of Lord and Lady Colebrooke, married today quietly at the Registry Office.

Lord Paget is the brother and heir presumptive to the Marquess of Anglesey. His first wife was Miss Olive May, a Gaiety actress who divorced him in 1921 and received the custody of their two children. He is a brother of the Countess of Pembroke. He is 33 years old and his bride is 29. She is a niece of Lord Queensborough, who married Miss Edith Miller, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. William Starr Miller of this city.

He left Southampton on Wednesday 15th October 1913, sailing to New York, aboard the White Star steamer Olympic. According to the Times Court Circular.


1891 Census:

Oaklands Cottage, Bunbury Lane, Bunbury, Cheshire
Hester A. Paget - Head - Married - 39 - Bognor, Sussex
Winifred C.H. Paget - Daughter - 9 - Scholar - Belgrave Square, London
Beatrice S. Paget - Daughter - 7 - Scholar - Belgrave Square, London
Charles H.A. Paget - Son - 5 - Scholar - Belgrave Square, London
Victor W. Paget - Son - 1 - Belgrave Square, London

Captain Lord Victor William Paget, M.C.