Birth: 1732 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Ibstock, Leicestershire

Baptism: 4 September 1732

Place of Baptism: Cole Hill Presbyterian Chapel, Tamworth, Warwickshire

Death: 23 January 1814 - Aged 81

Place or Registered Place of Death: Newark, Leicester, Leicestershire

Date of Burial: 29 January 1814

Place of Burial: Leicester, Leicestershire

Father: Joseph Paget

Mother: Mary Joanna Alcock

Spouse(s): Mary Clare

Date of Marriage: 17 May 1775

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Ibstock, Leicestershire


Thomas Paget (1778-1862)
Elizabeth Paget (1778-1860)
Mary Paget (1780-1789)
Anne Paget (1781-1870)
Clare Paget (1784-1882)
Hannah Paget (1786-1869)


Thomas was a cattle farmer.

The Monthly Magazine, Volume 37 - March 1814
At Leicester, 82, Thomas Paget, esq. of the Newark, partner in the film of Paris, Paget, and Co. bankers of Leicester, but better known to the public as au eminent and successful breeder, formerly of Ibstock, and as the friend and colleague of the celebrated Bakewell. He was in every sense a good man, and beloved by all who knew him.

The Examiner - Sunday February 6, 1814
On the 23rd ult. Thomas Paget, Esq., of Newark, Leicester. Though he was more than 80 years of age, his faculties were not impaired.

Private Banking Firms in England and Wales
133. —Leicester, Melton Mowbray, and Loughborough.—Pagets & Kirby.
(Fixed Issue, £32,322.) Thomas Paget, Humberstone, near Leicester, Banker. Thomas Tertius Paget, Humberstone, near Leieester, Banker. Samuel Kirby, Leieester, Banker.

Thomas Paget