Birth: 1676 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Wednesbury, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 28 May 1741

Place or Registered Place of Death: Minorca, Belearic Islands

Father: Henry Paget

Mother: Mary O'Rorke

Spouse(s): Mary Whitcombe

Date of Marriage: 1715 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Great Braxted, Essex


Caroline Paget (1722-1766)
Dorothy Paget (1734-)


Historical Record of the Twenty-Second, or the Cheshire Regiment of Foot. by Richard Cannon.

Thomas Paget
Appointed 13th December 1738
This officer entered the army in the reign of King William III., and was many years an officer of the eighth horse, now seventh dragoon gurads, with which corps he served under the celebrated John Duke of Marlborough. On the 1st August 1710, he was promoted to the lieut.-colonelcy of the eighth horse: he was afterwards lieut.-colonel of the first troop of horse grenadier guards; and in July, 1732, was nominated colonel of the thirty-second regiment, from which he was removed, in 1738, to the twenty-second. In 1739 he was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general. He died on the 28th of May 1741.

Gentlemans's Magazine - March 1731
Thomas Paget, Esq., Groom of His Majesty's Bed-chamber, appointed Lieut.-Col. to the 2d Troop of Horse-Grenadiers, in the room of Col. Cope, now Col. of the late Brigadier Newton's Regiment of Foot.

In 1739 Colonel Paget was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general. He died on the 28th May, 1741, and was succeeded by........

Brig.-Gen. Thomas Paget, Lieutenant-Governor of Minorca wrote a report criticising Philip Anstruther, Governor of Minorca in April 1740. Thomas had an apoplectic constitution and died not long after the report was written.

About this son, Brigadier-General Thomas Paget, I had not much hope of discovering anything - the time seemed too remote. But Mr. Gayford most perseveringly waded through some old histories of the Foot Regiments and at length came upon Thomas Paget as colonel in the 22nd, and found a brief history of his military career. He was then originally an officer in the 8th Horse (or 7th Dragoon Guards) and served under Marlborough. He was promoted to be a Lieut.-Colonel in the 8th Horse soon after joining this regiment. He then passed to a Lieut.-Colonelcy in the 1st Troop of the Horse Grenadier Guards, then in 1732 he was nominated Colonel of the 32nd Regiment. He was in this position for six years, and finally, on 13th Dec. 1738, he passed on to a Colonelcy of the 22nd Foot.

He was made a Brigadier-General in 1739. Apparently his regiment was then stationed in Minorca, which was, in the first fifty years of the eighteenth century, a fairly important island. As Brigadier-General he probably held the military command of the island, which would account for his being called the Governor of Minorca.

General Paget married Mary, daughter and one of the co-heiresses of Peter Whitcombe, Esquire of Great Braxtid, in Essex, by whom he had one daughter, Caroline, upon whom, failing the elder line, the Barony of Paget would devolve.

General Paget died, apparently, in the Island of Minorca, in May 1741, and at his death, although descendants of the elder branch of the family were still living, and, in the person of Henry, second Earl of Uxbridge, held the estates and titles until 1769, yet, inasmuch as he was childless, Caroline Paget at once became a person of consideration, as being after her cousin the heir-general of William, the fifth Baron, and entitled to succeed to the estates and the Barony of Paget in her own right.

Brig.-Gen. Thomas Paget