Birth: 21 January 1782

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Tamworth, Warwickshire

Baptism: 18 June 1782

Place of Baptism: Tamworth, Warwickshire

Death: 20 March 1846 - Aged 64

Place or Registered Place of Death: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Father: Thomas Bradley Paget

Mother: Mary Warren


1. Elizabeth Watkins

2. Charlotte Dorothy Evans

Date of Marriage:

1. 7 September 1809

2. 20 April 1819

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Rock, Worcestershire

2. Lenton, Nottinghamshire


Marriage to Elizabeth Watkins:

Thomas Bradley Paget (1812-1893)
Elizabeth Paget (1810-1894)

Marriage to Charlotte Dorothy Evans:

Franceys Bradley Paget (1820-1855)
Katherine Joanna Dorothy Paget (1825-1847)
Agnes Sophia Dorothy Paget (1827-1847)
Edward Bradley Paget (1829-1845)
Mary Dorothy Paget (1832-1894)


Thomas was clerk of Keppel Street and vicar of Evington 1842-46.

Title Release relating to the estate of Thomas Bradley Paget Date 13 Apr 1854
Description Parties:
1) Franceys Bradley Paget, Ashford, Derbyshire, gentleman
2) Thomas Bradley Paget, Robert Baxter
Property: the real and personal estate of Thomas Bradley Paget, deceased
Witness: Thomas Mander, Bakewell, solicitor.

Gentleman's Magazine - 1846 - March 20
Clergy Deceased
At Cheltenham, aged 64, the Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, Vicar of Evington, Leicestershire. He was of Wadham college, Oxford, M.A. 1809. He was formerly incumbent of Long Acre episcopal chapel. He was father of the Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, Vicar of Welton, the well-known author; and was presented to the vicarage of Evington by the Bishop of London, the patron, in Feb. 1842.

The Patrician - by John Burke, Bernard Burke - 1847
Paget, Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, vicar of Welton to Sophia Beckett, third daughter of Edmund Dennison, Esq., of Doncaster, 19th August.

Bibliotheca Staffordiensis: or, A bibliographical account of books and other printed matter relating to-- printed or published in-- or written by a native, resident, or person
deriving a title from-- any portion of the county of Stafford: giving a full collation and biographical notices of ...
By Rupert Simms
Published by Printed for the compiler by A. C. Lomax, 1894
p. 343
Paget, Thomas, Banker, Tamworth

Paget, Rev. Thomas Bradley. b. Tamworth, 1782; s. of Thomas Bradley Paget, Banker; Mat. Wadh. Coll., Ox., 2nd May, 1800; B.A., 1804; M.A., 1809; Incumbent of Long Acre Episcopal Chapel; Rector of Evington. Leics., 1842 to death; d., Cheltenham, 20th March, 1846; bur. Evington.


1841 Census:

St. George Bloomsbury
Keppel Street
Thomas Paget - 59 - Clerk
Charlotte Paget - 50
Franceys Paget - 21
Katherine Paget - 17
Agnes Paget - 14
Maria Paget - 9


The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, March 27, 1846; Issue 3192
March 20, suddenly, at Cheltenham, aged 64, the Rev. Thos. Bradley Paget, A.M., vicar of Evington, Leicestershire, father of the Rev. T.B. Paget, vicar of Welton.

Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886 1715-1886, Volume III
Paget, Thomas Bradley, s. Thomas Bradley, of Tamworth, co. Warwick, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 2 May 1800, aged 18; B.A. 1804, M.A. 1809, incumbant of Long Acre Episcopal Chapel, vicar of Evington, co. Leicester, 1842 until his death 20 March 1846.

The Will of Thomas Bradley Paget
Those mentioned in the will were:
Thomas Bradley Paget (Senior)
Elizabeth Watkins (The first wife, deceased)
John Warren Paget
Andrew Fitz??? Alford
Thomas Bradley Paget and Elizabeth Paget - children of his first wife, Elizabeth
Charlotte Dorothy - the second wife
Robert Baxter (Brother-in-law)
Charlotte Dorothy Paget (second wife) Thomas Bradley Paget (the son) and Robert Baxter were the executors of the estate.
The will was drafted and signed 23rd June 1838.
The will was proved at London with a codicil on the 26th May 1846.

Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, M.A.