Birth: 1758 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Totteridge, Hertfordshire

Baptism: 27 June 1758

Place of Baptism: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Death: 1817 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Death: Bole Hall, Tamworth, Warwickshire

Father: John Paget

Mother: Joanna Bradley

Spouse(s): Mary Warren

Date of Marriage: 15 January 1781

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Tamworth, Warwickshire


Thomas Bradley Paget (1782-1846)
Mary Paget (1783-1847)
George Godfrey Paget (1784-)
John Warren Paget (1786-)
Harriet Paget (1787-1863)
Sarah Eliza Paget (1789-1811)
Cordelia Sophia Paget (1791-After 1825)
Joanna Maria Nona Paget (1803-1836)


Thomas was a banker. Lived at Bole Hall, Tamworth.

History of the Town and Castle of Tamworth
Mary Dones' Gift.
By indenture, dated the 24th of June, 1788, Mrs. Mary Dones assigned to Thomas Bradley Paget and George Godfrey 50l. lent by her to the trustees under an act, 10 Geo. III., for repairing and widening the roads leading through the borough of Tamworth, and others in the counties of Stafford, Warwick, and Derby, upon security of an assignment of tolls; the interest to be paid to the committee appointed to manage the Sunday-schools in Tamworth, in aid of the contributions for the support of them. But if, from any cause, there should not be a Sunday-school in Tamworth for poor children supported by voluntary subscriptions, then the interest should be disposed of to educate so many poor children of the borough, either boys or girls, whose parents should have legal settlement here, as the profits of the 50l. would suffice for. After the death of Mr. Paget and Mr. Godfrey, the sum and security should be transferred to the master of the Grammar School and the churchwardens, upon the same trusts: with power to change the security.

Thomas Bradley Paget