Birth: 19 April 1857 (Not substantiated)

Place or Registered Place of Birth: London, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 16 September 1916 - Aged 59

Place or Registered Place of Death: Nursing Home, Marylebone, Middlesex

Father: Alfred Henry Paget

Mother: Cecilia Wyndham

Spouse(s): Marie Elizabeth (Miller) Dolan (1859-1942)

Date of Marriage: 13 March 1906

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Marylebone, London


Lt. Sydney Augustus Paget fought in the Boer War in 1900. He gained the rank of Lieutenant in 1900 in the service of the Machine Gun Section, XIIth Yeomanry.

Sydney Augustus Paget (April 19, 1857 - September 16, 1916) was an English aristocrat who owned and raced thoroughbred racehorses in the United States and who managed the racing operations for prominent owners, William C. Whitney and James Ben Ali Haggin.

He was the fifth son and twelfth child of Cecilia Wyndham and her husband, Lord Alfred Paget. Sydney Paget served with the British Army in the Second Boer War, achieving the rank of Lieutenant with the machine gun section of the XIIth Yeomanry.

His brother, Almeric, married Pauline Payne Whitney, daughter of the enormously wealthy William C. Whitney who hired Sydney Paget to manage his New York Thoroughbred racing stable. Paget ran a ranch at Big Horn, Wyoming for William Whitney where he raised Thoroughbreds on the open range.

Among the other top horses Paget was involved with was the filly Hamburg Belle who won the prestigious Belmont Futurity Stakes in 1903. Hamburg Belle was owned by James Ben Ali Haggin but raced in Paget's name.

Near the end of the 1890s, Sydney Paget left the employ of W.C. Whitney to go on his own. In July of 1898 he bought Kentucky Derby winner Plaudit from John E. Madden for $25,000. The horse continued to race successfully that year but broke down while training in early 1899 and was retired from racing. Paget sold Plaudit back to Madden for $12,000 who sent him to stand at stud at his Hamburg Place breeding farm near Lexington, Kentucky.

In the pre-U.S. Triple Crown era, Sydney Paget owned the American Champion Two-Year-Old Colt of 1898, Jean Bereaud. The colt went on to win the 1899 Belmont Stakes. Paget also won the 1905 Preakness Stakes with Cairngorm.

Sydney Paget died in London on September 16, 1916 at age 59.

The Sydney Morning Herald - June 5, 1880
At the Marylebone police court, on April 23, on the application of Mr. Serjeant Ballantyne, a summons was granted against Sir William Call, Bart., for sending a letter to Mr. Sydney Augustus Paget, threatening him with personal violence. There had been a dispute between Sir William and Mr. Paget for some time about a sum of money whch the former alleged he had won at cards from Mr. Paget.

The New York Times - March 23, 1906
Sydney Paget Fined $125
By the Bachelors' Club of London for Getting Married - Bride an Actress
London, March 22. - The dispatch from New York, announcing the arrival of Sydney Paget with his wife probably will cause great astonishment to the members of his family and their friends when they hear of it to-morrow.

When inquiry -was made by telephone at his father's house to-night it was said there that no word of Sydney's marriage had been heard there. It -was also said that Sydney was supposed to be in Ireland, and that a letter dated in Ireland had come from him within a few days.

Mr. Paget, Sydney's father, had retired when inquiry was made at his house.

No one at the clubs of which Sydney is a member had heard of his marriage, At the Bachelors' Club, a member said:

"We shall look into the matter, for, if he is married, he must pay the marriage fine of £25 or leave the club."

Mrs. Sydney Paget, who, with Mr. Paget, arrived In New York from Europe on Wednesday and took apartments at the Waldorf-Astoria, was formerly Miss Marie Miller, at one time an actress. This fact was learned yesterday, but not from the bridal couple, Remaining in This fact was learned yesterday, but not from the bridal couple. Remaining in their apartments on the ninth floor of the Waldorf-Astoria, Mr. and Mrs. Paget declined to see callers.

For many years Mr. Paget and Miss Miller had been close friends. But although Mr. Paget and Miss Miller were often seen together their marriage came a surprise to friends of both. Miss Miller's career on the stage was brief.

Sydney Paget, though known in New York chiefly for his ownership of horses, is the grandson of the first Marquis of Anglesey. He served in the war in South Africa. One of his brothers, Almeric, married Pauline Whitney, a daughter of the late William C. Whitney, and another, Arthur, married Mary Stevens daughter of Mrs. Paran Stevens. Mr. Paget was closely allied -with the Whitney racing ventures. Now he is associated with E. R. Thomas.

There were no children.

The Times - September 18, 1916
Mr. Sydney Paget
Mr. Sydney Paget, fourth surviving son of the late General Lord Alfred Paget, C.B., died in a nursing home in London on Saturday, after a long illness, in his 59th year.

After serving for a time as an officer in the Militia and later in the Yeomanry, Mr. Paget in 1879 went to the United States, and for many years managed a ranch in the State of Montana. Later he moved to New York, where for some time he successfully managed the American racing stable of the late Hon. William C. Whitney, who owned Volodyovski, the Derby winner.

On the outbreak of the South African War Mr.. Paget volunteered, and in 1900 saw service as the commander of a machine-gun section of the 12th Imperial Yeomanry. Returning to New York, he started a stable of his own. He possessed several good horses, with which he won some of the classic races. He came to England in 1906 and lived at Brandon, Suffolk. and was a well-known figure at Newmarket and other racecourses. His London home was 18, Cadogan Court, Chelsea. He leaves a widow, the daughter of Mr. William P. Dolan, of Philadelphia, whom he married in 1905.

New York Times - September 18, 1916
Sydney Paget, formerly manager of the racing stable of the late William C. Whitney, kind for many years a resident of New York, died in London, England, on Saturday, in his sixtieth year. Mr. Paget was a son of Lord Alfred Paget, son of the Marquis of Anglesey; and came to the United States when he was 18 years old. He was one of fourteen children and had to earn his living. He settled in Custer, Montana, where he first became a cowboy, later starting a horse ranch. In 1897 he sold his ranch and became Mr. Whitney's manager.


1871 Census

Address: Bushey Park, The Cottage, Hampton, Surrey
Lord Alfred Paget - Head - 58 - Colonel in the Army - Old Burlington St., London
Cecilia Paget - Wife - 52 - Norfolk
Gerald Paget - Son - 16 - Lieut. in Northumberland Militia - London
Sydney Paget - Son 13 - Scholar - London
Amy Paget - Daughter - 12 - Scholar - London
Alberta Paget - Daughter - 11 - Scholar - London
Almeric Paget - Son - 11 - Scholar - London
Alice Paget - Daughter - 8 - Scholar - London
Alexandra Paget - Daughter - 6 - Scholar - London
Guenevere Paget - Daughter - 2 - London

1891 Census:

The Hall, High Street, Somerby, Leicestershire
Alexandra was staying with her brother Gerald.
Gerald Paget - Head - Married - 36 - Living on own means - London
Lucy Paget - Wife - 36 - Brighton, Sussex
Dorothy Paget - Daughter - 13 - London
Lettice Paget - Daughter - 11 - Bushey Park, Middlesex
Sydney Paget - Brother - Single - 32 - London
Alex Colebrooke - Sister - 26 - London

1911 Census:

The Cottage Brandon Park Brandon Suffolk
Sydney Paget - Head - Married - 53 - Private Means - London
Marie E. Paget - Wife - 33 - Married 5 Years - Private Means - U.S.A.
The 1911 Census states that Sydney was a British Subject - this column is only mandatory where the person is born overseas. As there is no record of the birth of Sydney in London or anywhere else in Britain, one can only surmise that the birth actually took place outside of the U.K.


Marie Elizabeth Dolan was born in the U.S.A., possibly in New York or Philadelphia, about 1859 and died on 26 September 1842. Marie's father, William P. Dolan lived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - Marie was an heiress.

Lt. Sydney Augustus Paget