Birth: 1666 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Not Known

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 1723 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: William Paget

Mother: Katherine Lock

Spouse(s): Abigail Wisely (-1736)

Date of Marriage: 9 August 1715

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Stocklinch Attersay, Somerset


Simon Paget (1719-1799)


BCGS Genealogist, Volumes 11-14
M.A. Pembroke College, Oxford, Curate St. John's, Glastonbury, Somerset. Married Abigail?? (d. 1736)

Marriage Record
County Somerset
Place Stocklinch Ottersey
Church St Mary
Marriage Date 09 Aug 1715
Groom Forename Simon
Groom Surname PAGET
Groom Parish Glastonbury
Groom Condition Unknown
Groom Occupation Clerk
Bride ForenameAbigail
Bride Surname WISELY
Bride Parish Puckington
Bride Condition Unknown
File Number 16415

Simon Paget