Birth: 4 October 1860

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex (Reg. March 1861)

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 28 January 1908 - Aged 47

Place or Registered Place of Death: 16 Surrey Road, Margate, Kent

Date of Burial: 2 February 1908

Place of Burial: Marylebone Cemetery, Finchley, London

Father: Robert Paget

Mother: Martha E. Clarke

Spouse(s): Edith Hounsfield

Date of Marriage: 1 June 1893

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Oxhey, Hertfordshire


Leslie Robert Paget (1894-)
Winifred Paget (1895-)
Edith Muriel Paget (1897-)
Evelyn Merevale Paget (1899-)
Beryl May Paget (1902-)
John Rodborough Paget (1906)


Sidney Paget: A Trifling Monograph
Sidney Edward Paget was born 4 October 1860, the fifth child of nine, to Martha (née Clarke), Professor of Music, and Robert Paget, vestry clerk of St. James and St. John in Clerkenwell. Until his marriage, Paget lived with his family at 19 Lloyd Square in Clerkenwell. He received his early education at the London Middle Class School on Cowper. Afterwards he attended the Heatherley School of Fine Art. In 1881 he entered the Royal Academy Schools, where he was preceded by his older brother, Henry Marriott (b. 1857) and his younger brother, Walter Stanley (b. 1863).

At the Academy Schools he met and befriended student of architecture, Alfred Morris Butler, who (allegedly) became the model for the illustrations of Sherlock Holmes' stalwart companion, Dr. John Watson. Between 1879 and 1905, Paget contributed to the Royal Academy exhibitions eighteen miscellaneous paintings, of which nine were portraits.

His work as a black and white artist became well known throughout the U.K. and U.S., his drawings appearing in the Strand Magazine, the Pictorial World, The Sphere, The Graphic, the Illustrated London News, and the Pall Mall Magazine. His illustrations for Arthur Morrison's Martin Hewitt detective stories, and Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, greatly assisted in popularizing those stories.

It is a commonly held belief that Paget based Holmes' appearance on that of his brother, Walter. However, according to the 1912 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:



“After their marriage in 1893, my parents set up their home in a village in Hertfordshire. Here my father built a studio in one corner of the orchard that surrounded the house. During the summer I fear he sometimes spent more time in that orchard than he did in the studio. When the time came for the next batch of drawings to go to the publisher he would have to sit up half the night working hard to get them finished. It was worth it I suppose for those sunny days spent hay-making in the orchard.

I remember, too, the barrel organ that used to stop and play outside our gate and around which we children would dance and throw our pennies. Suddenly my father would appear and, with great abandon, turn cartwheels on the lawn. Then, with a wave and a grin he would just as suddenly disappear and return to work..."


"As a 'black and white' special artist for the Illustrated London News, the Graphic and the Sphere, my father had to attend many functions of one sort or another to make rough sketches for the final picture. On rare occasions we were allowed to go with him.

I still remember the thrill of a visit to the Military Tournament with the noise and the flying tan as the Indians engaged in tent pegging thundered past on their horses.

Last, but not least, the biggest thrill of all-- a ride in a hansom cab on the way home when on kept one's eyes fixed on the little trap-door in the roof, hoping every moment it would open once more to expose the face of the driver who seemed like a veritable Jack-in-the-Box so quickly did he come and go! Surely these vehicles with their jingling bells and the 'man up there in the roof' were specially designed for the delight of small children!"...


"As a young man, my father lived in the country. It was then that he wore the surely now most famous of all hats, the deerstalker. Like most artists, he followed many pursuits, but I do not think deerstalking was one of them! I imagine he chose this type of hat for himself as being suitable and comfortable for tramping round the countryside. This possibly inspired him to depict Holmes wearing a deerstalker on similar occasions.

"It seems to me to be a fitting headgear for the great detective out on the man-hunt. It may once more become the height of fashion as it has lately been seen adorning the head of young Prince Charles on his return from a visit to the country.

"Little did my father know that his deerstalker would still be talked about more than half a century after it first appeared in the pages of The Strand Magazine!"

Winifred Paget
Oxhey Road, Watford
16 December 1950


“I was Sidney Paget's guest for an evening’s entertainment held by the Art Workers Guild in St. John’s Wood. The show was characterized by its informality and had a vaudeville flavor. Its central figure, Sid, was a ballerina.

For the lower half of his costume, he wore a large, pink lampshade, over which a pair of black corsets was tightly laced. His wife Edith had taken him to every draper in the area in the endeavor to fit him for …or ‘fit him in’ …a single corset, finally procuring a pair, instead. On his head he wore a black wig, which made a perfect foil for the fairness of his neck and shoulders. Innumerable jewels, including dropped earrings, completed the effect.

Sidney was a handsome man, and as a ballerina he was ravishing! When he made his entrance on a human pantomime horse, he stopped the show.

He was always inimitable in burlesque, and I will never forget his act that night, the inspired dances he performed, and the kisses he blew to the enraptured audience as he tossed the flowers from his bouquet.”

Alfred Morris Butler

as told to his daugher, Maida Butler
Sherlock Holmes Journal-1952


The death took place on Tuesday, at Margate, after a long illness, of Mr. Sidney Edward Paget, a well-known artist, formerly on the staff of the Illustrated London News and the Sphere, and illustrator of Sir A. Conan Doyle's works "Sherlock Holmes" and "Rodney Stone." Mr. Paget, who was 47 years of age, was a son of the late Mr. Robert Paget, for many years vestry clerk of Clerkenwell, whose portrait, which he painted, was shown at the Royal Academy and now hangs on the walls of the Finsbury Town-hall. He also painted portraits of Sir John Aird as Mayor of Paddington and of Mr. Frank Dethridge, the late town clerk of that borough, which are now hung in the council chamber of the town-hall, Harrow-road. The funeral takes place to-day at 2 o'clock at Marylebone Cemetery, East Finchley.

Henry Marriott (H.M.) Paget, brother and close friend of Sidney Paget, is cited as the source of private information.

On 1 June 1893, Sidney Paget married Edith Hounsfield (born 1865), daughter of William Hounsfield, a farmer. They had six children.

During the last few years of his life he suffered from a painful chest complaint, to which he succumbed at 16 Surrey Road, Margate, on 28 January 1908. He was buried at Marylebone cemetery, Finchley.


1901 Census:

Barziers House, Kings Langley, Chipperfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Sidney Edward Paget - Head - Married - 40 - 1861 - Artist (Painter) - Clerkenwell, London
Edith Paget - Wife - 35 - 1866 - Watford, Hertfordshire
Leslie Robert Paget - Son - 7 - 1894 - Chipperfield, Hertfordshire
Winifred Paget - Daughter - 5 - 1896 - Chipperfield, Hertfordshire
Evelyn Merevale Paget - Daughter - 2 - 1899 - Chipperfield, Hertfordshire
Edith Muriel Paget - Daughter - 4 - 1897 - Chipperfield, Hertfordshire


i. EVELYN MEREVALE3 PAGET (daughter of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born on 14 Oct 1898 in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England (Birth Registered 1899). She died on 18 Nov 1995 in Chichester, Sussex, England. She married John R Turnor in Mar 1945 in Watford, Hertfordshire.

ii. EDITH MURIEL PAGET (daughter of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born on 11 Jan 1897 in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England. She died in Jun 1980 in Chichester, West Sussex, England. She married Eric Arthur Ryder in Dec 1931 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. He was born on 16 Apr 1896 in Greater London, London, Surrey, United Kingdom. He died in Dec 1960 in Chelsea, London, England.

iii. LESLIE ROBERT PAGET (son of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born in Apr 1894 in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England. He died on 10 Sep 1942 in Ashford, Kent, England. He married Peggy Gladwell date Unknown.

iii. KATHLEEN PAGET (daughter of Arthur Leonard Paget and Edith Gwendoline

iv. JOHN RODBOROUGH PAGET (son of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born on 01 Dec 1905 in Greater London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, United Kingdom. He died in Oct 1985 in Chichester, Sussex, England. He married Margaret Whytock Roberts in Sep 1937 in Hendon, Middlesex. She was born on 13 Oct 1912. She died in Apr 1987 in Chichester, Sussex, England.

v. WINIFRED I PAGET (daughter of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born in Oct 1895 in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England. She died in Jun 1979 in Chichester, West Sussex, England. She married James A Garnham in Jun 1931 in East Grinstead, Sussex.

vi. BERYL MAY PAGET (daughter of Sidney Edward Paget and Edith Hounsfield) was born in Apr 1902 in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She died in Mar 1956 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. She married Horace J Banfield in Jun 1940 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset.

Sidney Edward Paget