Birth: 1778 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Chester, Cheshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 22 November 1843 - Aged 65

Place or Registered Place of Death: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Father: Thomas Tolver (1750-1828)

Mother: Not Known

Spouse(s): Samuel Paget

Date of Marriage: 7 December 1799

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Nicholas', Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Martha Paget (1800-1881)
Samuel Paget (1801-1801)
Samuel Paget (1802-1808)
Thomas Paget (1803-1803)
Henry Thomas Paget (1804-1808)
Frederick Paget (1805-1867)
Elizabeth Sarah Paget (1807-1808)
Arthur Coyte Paget (1808-1833)
George Edward Paget (1809-1892)
Charles John Paget (1811-1844)
Maria Ann Paget (1812-1816)
James Paget (1814-1899)
Francis Paget (1816-1848)
Alfred Tolver Paget (1818-1862)
Caroline Elizabeth Paget (1819-1820)
Edward Stephen Paget (1820-1821)
Katherine Paget (1825-1885)
P. Paget (1833-After 1881)

The last child P. Paget was living with her sister Martha in 1881 (Census) - At the time she was 48 years of age.


Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
My mother (Betsy) was adopted, while a child, by an aunt, Mrs. Godfrey, whose husband was a rich man in Yarmouth : and by them she was most tenderly brought up, well educated and enriched. She was handsome, tall and graceful, somewhat hasty in temper, resolute, strong-willed and strong in speech. But the qualities which one best remembers were her intense love of her children, her marvellous activity and industry, her admiration of all that was beautiful in art and nature, her skill in writing, needlework, and painting. She had seventeen children in twenty-six years : and nine of these, including the first and last born, grew-up to full age. She took the close charge and guidance of them all : she managed all household affairs and, after the manner of the time and place, did all the marketing and shopping, directed the cookery, and made the choicest sweets.

New Monthly Magazine - December 1820
The Lady of S. Paget, esq., of Yarmouth, of a son. (Edward Stephen)

The Gentleman's Magazine - March 1844
November 22. Aged 65, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Paget, esq., of Yarmouth.

Thomas Tolver was born at Chester in Cheshire about 1750 and died on 8 February 1828.

Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget
Betsy's father (Thomas Tolver) was, I think, a kind of self-elected fine gentleman; the son of a man of business, but, so far as I ever heard, never himself engaged in any ; perhaps because he was very handsome, well-mannered, studious of propriety, and highly self-estimated. He married a rich widow by whom he had three daughters ; and when she died, he lived, I believe, on the remains of her property, helped late in life by that of an old lady who lived with him and with his two younger daughters, then widowed and having small incomes of their own. I just remember him — a fine old man, grave, and dominant ; for whom all his daughters had so profound respect that, although I never heard of his having said or done anything very wise, I never heard of their having wished for anything less or other than he did. And their respect for him did not diminish when he was dead : though he left them nothing, unless it were the gout, of which my inherited share has had great influence on my life. That old Mr. Tolver was indeed ' studious of propriety, and highly self-estimated,' is plain from his letters — especially from one that he wrote to his daughter, just after her marriage......

List of Bankrupts from 1 January 1786 to 24 June 1806
1800, May 20. - Tolver, Thomas, merchant, Chester

Sarah Elizabeth (Betsy) Tolver