Birth: 1774/75 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Not Known

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 6 April 1857 - Aged 82

Place or Registered Place of Death: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Father: Samuel Paget

Mother: Anne Capps

Spouse(s): Sarah Elizabeth Tolver

Date of Marriage: 7 December 1799

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Nicholas', Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Martha Paget (1800-1881)
Samuel Paget (1801-1801)
Samuel Paget (1802-1808)
Thomas Paget (1803-1803)
Henry Thomas Paget (1804-1808)
Frederick Paget (1805-1867)
Elizabeth Sarah Paget (1807-1808)
Arthur Coyte Paget (1808-1833)
George Edward Paget (1809-1892)
Charles John Paget (1811-1844)
Maria Ann Paget (1812-1816)
James Paget (1814-1899)
Francis Paget (1816-1848)
Alfred Tolver Paget (1818-1862)
Caroline Elizabeth Paget (1819-1820)
Edward Stephen Paget (1820-1821)
Katherine Paget (1825-1885)
P. Paget (1833-After 1881)

The last child P. Paget was living with her sister Martha in 1881 (Census) - At the time she was 48 years of age.


His parents were Samuel Paget, a self-made business man, and his wife Sarah. They had married in December, 1799 when Samuel was twenty-five and had moved immediately into a large old house on the South Quay in Yarmouth. Samuel had only received a very basic education but had taught himself to be proficient in reading, writing and numeracy. On leaving school he had gone to work as a clerk to a merchant supplying provisions to the North Sea fleet. His employer died suddenly when Samuel was seventeen. Amazingly, for such a young man, he recognised an opportunity for self-advancement, made the long journey to the Admiralty in London alone, and demonstrated such a thorough knowledge of the business that he was told that he could continue to hold the contract if he so wished. Initially, he had had to borrow money to operate but so quickly did he impress the Admiralty with his efficiency in fulfilling the original contract that he soon ended up with additional, lucrative contracts enabling him to pay off his loans. By the time of the marriage he had become a rich man and was very busy as a brewer, large ship-owner and one of the chief business men in Yarmouth.

Samuel Paget was a rather small, handsome, active man, a good speaker and cricketer. He was praised by Lord Duncan after the Battle of Camperdown, and given a gold medal marked "Earl St.Vincent's testimony of approbation". (Battle of Camperdown, Oct.11th.1797). He died of old age, aged 82, in 1856. Samuel Paget's wife, was paralysed with a stroke, but still could knit, sew, and write.

Over the next twenty-six years, seventeen children were to be born to them of whom only nine were to survive. Between 1800 and 1813 eleven children were born, five of whom survived to grow up – Martha, Frederick, Arthur, George and Charles. In 1812–1813, such was their wealth, they had built a magnificent new house on the site of their old one and it was there on January 11th, 1814 that their next child, our young traveller James had been born, to be followed by two more sons, Frank and Alfred, and finally Kate.

Samuel was rather small, handsome and a thorough gentleman; cheerful, wellmannered, peace loving, and hospitable, temperate, refined in conversation, and a lover of all that was simply beautiful in literature and art. He was also calm and gentle in manner always seeming to love more than anything else the quiet of his home. As a business man, he was punctual and hard-working, and people considered him perfectly fair, liberal and honest. Such qualities made him an ideal candidate for mayor of the town and this he had become in 1817.

Sarah was a fine-looking, tall and graceful woman; she was resolute, strongwilled and strong in speech, characteristics not normally welcomed and approved of in a woman at this time. She had great appreciation for all that was beautiful in art and nature. She was skilled in writing, needlework and oil-painting and was a prolific sketcher, filling countless albums with her work. As was becoming increasingly fashionable at that time, she collected “everything” – autographs and seals, caricatures, shells, corals, agates, old china and glass and “curiosities” including all that she could persuade the masters of her husband’s ships to bring home from their long voyages. Each collection was beautifully arranged and was labelled in her own exquisite handwriting.

Samuel Paget when wealthy had built up a considerable library not for his own use, for he was far too busy, but for the use of his children whatever might be their choice of study. Among his botanical books were the great “English Botany; or coloured figures of British plants” (1790-1814) of Sir James Smith and James Sowerby in 36 volumes with 2,592 coloured plates of all known Phanerogams and also Dawson Turner’s beautifully illustrated book on seaweeds which James knew as the “Historia Fucorum” (1808-1819).

Samuel was a banker, brewer and a shipowner. He was also a provisioner to the navy.

Samuel Paget & Son, Gt. Yarmouth - with 25 or 27 pubs (re-purchased)

Samuel had seventeen children and five sons. Only nine survived. George Edward was the seventh.

Great Yarmouth Corporation - 1834
Samuel Paget, Esq., Merchant and Brewer - age, 60 - resides in Yarmouth, Mayor in 1817.

The Gentlemans Magazine - 1857
At Great Yarmouth, aged 82, Samuel Paget Esq.

The Times, Friday, Apr 10, 1857; pg. 1; Issue 22651; col A
On the 6th inst., at Great Yarmouth, in his 83d year, Samuel Paget, Esq.

St. Nicholas' Church, Great Yarmouth - 1848
List of Individuals Buried
Paget, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Paget Esq., and daughter of Thos. Tolver - 65 - 1843
Samuel Paget - Infant death - 1801
Samuel Paget - 5 - 1807
Thomas Paget - infant death - 1803
Henry Thomas - 3 - 1807
Elizabeth Sarah - 1 - 1808
Arthur Coyte - 25 - 1833
Charles John - 32 - 1844
Maria Ann - 3 - 1816
Caroline Ann - infant death - 1820
Edward Stephen - 1 - 1821
Elizabeth Ann Paget, wife of Frederick Paget - 22 - 1832

Samuel Paget, Esq., possesses a very good collection of pictures, distributed in the apartments of his excellent mansion on the South Quay.

At one time Dawson Turner also owned a brewery business and public houses in conjunction with Samuel Paget, father of Sir James, the world-famous physician. I suspect that Turner had no difficulty in predicting the ruin of his friend Paget. In the deeds of no 68 King Street, I found details of Paget’s business, and details of the mortgage that he held with Dawson Turner. Business however went into a steep decline, and in 1831 Paget was paying Gurney, Turner and Brightwen the sum of £6,000 per annum in interest upon a loan of £60,000 with all of Paget’s properties mortgaged to them.


1851 Census:

9, St Georges Terrace, Great Yarmouth
Samuel Paget - Head - Widower - 76 - 1775 - Ship Merchant - Yarmouth, Norfolk
Martha Paget - Daughter - Unmarried - 40 (sic) 1811 - Yarmouth
Catherine - Daughter - Unmarried - 22 - 1829 - Yarmouth
Eliza Paget - Granddaughter - 5 - 1846 - Bain in France

Samuel Paget