Birth: 19 September 1891

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 17 July 1903 - Aged 11

Place or Registered Place of Death: Headington, Buckinghamshire

Father: John Rahere Paget

Mother: Julia Norrie Moke


The Times - July 21, 1903
An inquest was held yesterday, at Oxford, on the body of Rupert Paget, aged 11 years, son of Sir John Paget, K.C., and nephew of the Bishop of Oxford, who, as reported yesterday, died from the effects of a blow from a ball whilst playing cricket at Summerfield School, near Oxford. Mark Horner, aged 12, a pupil at Summerfield School, said that on Friday a game of cricket was being played in the school fields. Paget was batting and the witness was keeping wicket. A boy of about 11 years of age was bowling. The pitch was under the usual length, being about 17 yards. A ball was fairly delivered, and, rising, struck Paget on the side of the left temple, knocking him down. Paget got up, and asked if there was any mark on his head. The witness told him that there was only a little redness, and as he was crying he advised him to go to the school, and Paget walked there. The Coroner said that, with the sanction of Sir John Paget, and every one concerned, they were abstaining from calling the boy who delivered the ball. It was a very sad thing for the lad as it was, and they thought it better, subject to the approval of the jury, that the boy should be kept out of the inquiry altogether. The jury agreed that the presence of the boy was unnecessary. Dr. Charles E. Williams, the headmaster, said the lad had been playing cricket very well, and on the afternoon of the accident had made 20 runs and was not out. He wanted to go on with his innings after he had been struck with the ball. Mr. John Freeborn, surgeon, said he saw the boy a few minutes after the accident. He thought he was suffering from slight concussion of the brain, but there was an entire absence of any symptom at that time that the boy was dangerously ill. He had examined the body, and had come to the conclusion that death was due to haemorrhage of the brain, produced by the breaking of a blood vessel in a fit of vomiting. The vomiting was an after effect of the blow from the ball. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death,” and joined the Coroner in an expression of sympathy with the parents.


1901 Census:

14, Lennox Gardens, Chelsea
John R. Paget - Head - 53 - Barrister At Law - St. Barthomews, London
Julia N. Paget - Wife - 36 - New York
Margaret N. Paget - Daughter - Single - 11 - Chelsea, London
George N. Paget - Son - 10 - Chelsea, London
Rupert Paget - Son - 9 - Scarborough, Yorkshire
Winifred N. Paget - Daughter - 4 - Germany

Rupert Paget