Birth: 8 December 1878

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Whittington, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 29 January 1954

Place or Registered Place of Death: Lavant, Chichester, Sussex

Date of Burial: 1 February 1954

Place of Burial: St. Mary's, Lavant, near Chichester, Sussex

Father: Berkeley Charles Sydney Paget

Mother: Florence Chetwynd

Spouse(s): Maude Erskine Cran

Date of Marriage: 28 June 1913

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Victoria, British Columbia


William Edward Sydney Paget (1916-1941)


Rowland Edward Paget, Esq., Maj. 21st Batt. K.R.R.C, late Lieut. Royal Sussex Regt. , b. 1878; m. 1913, Maude, d. of R. Cran of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has issue—William Edward Sydney Paget, Esq. , b. 1916. Spent time in India between 1907-1909.

British Columbia Historical News
Spring 2000
A Walhachin Index
......When war was declared in August 1914, Walhachin possessed a well-established cavalry militia unit. Since 1911, C Squadron, 31st British Columbia Horse, under Captain Rowland Paget, had trained every Wednesday, attended the Vernon Militia Camp each summer, and sent men to Winnipeg in the winter for senior N.C.O. courses. Every man was an accomplished equestrian from years of polo, fox hunts, and racing. Drawn from a population base of less than two hundred, the unit numbered thirty in 1912 and fourteen at the beginning of hostilities.

Throughout that August, Capt. Paget recruited men for the British Columbia Horse in Walhachin, Ashcroft, and Savona. Meanwhile, on parade, during inspections, and on the rifle range, the young men trained and waited in restless anticipation for the call. In these early days of war their greatest fear was to miss the “Great Adventure.”......

The Times - February 2, 1954
Major Rowland Paget
The funeral of Major Rowland Paget took place yesterday at St. Mary's, Lavant, near Chichester. Canon S.L. Buckwell officiated.


1881 Census:

Whittington Hall, Whittington, Staffordshire
Muriel Paget - Daughter - 3 - London
Rowland Paget - Son - 2 - Whittington, Staffs

1891 Census:

Longdon Hall, Church Hill, Longdon, Staffordshire
Arthur Chetwynd - Head - Married - 32 - 1859 - Justice of the Peace - Longdon, Rugeley, Staffs
Reubarra Chetwynd - Wife - 29 - 1862 - Oxford
Arthur H. Talbot Chetwynd - Son - 2 - 1889 - Beacon Place, Lichfield
William F. Talbot Chetwynd - Son - 8 Months - 1891 - Longdon, Staffs
Florence Berkeley Paget - Sister - Married - 34 - Longdon, Staffs
Muriel H.F. Paget - Niece - 13 - 1878 - London
Rowland E. Paget - Nephew - 12 - Whittington

Major Rowland Edward Paget