Birth: 13 January 1869

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Cranmore Hall, East Cranmore, Somerset

Baptism: 21 February 1869

Place of Baptism: St. James, East Cranmore, Somerset

Death: 23 October 1955 - Aged 86

Place or Registered Place of Death: Westminster, London

Father: Richard Horner Paget

Mother: Caroline Isabel Surtees


1. Muriel Evelyn Vernon Finch-Hatton

2. Grace Hartley Glover

Date of Marriage:

1. 31 May 1897

2. 22 July 1939

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. St. George's, Hanover Square, London

2. Oxford, Oxfordshire


Marriage to Muriel Evelyn Vernon Finch-Hatton:

Richard Hatton Harcourt Paget (1898-1898)
Sylvia Mary Paget (1901-1996)
Pamela Winefred Paget (1903-1989)
Angela Sibell Paget (1906-1965)
John Starr Paget (1914-1992)


Library of the University of Bristol
The Paget papers had been boxed up and stored at Cranmore Hall since 1932 as an intended deposit by Sir Richard Paget (1869-1950). He is remembered as the inventor of signing for the deaf and dumb (to use the terminology of the day), but he had also researched widely into language acquisition. In fact, their transfer had to await the return of the archivist, George Maby, from military service in 1945. They comprise family papers of all kinds, as well as local records, many of which had been brought together by Sir Richard Horner Paget (1832-1908), who had been MP in turn for East Somerset, Mid Somerset and Wells, and was a busy figure in the County. There is local material on Doulting and Cranmore, and on Somerset generally, as well as much information about the Pagets and their connections by marriage. The earlier documents, dating from the mid thirteenth century, relate mainly to Wolverhampton and the West Midlands.

The Times - July 3, 1939
Forthcoming Marriages
Sir Richard Paget, Bt., and Miss Glover
The engagement is announced, and the marriage will shortly take place, quietly, at Oxford, between Sir Richard Arthur Surtees Paget, Bt., of 1, Devonshire Terrace, W.2, and Cranmore Hall, Shepton Mallet, and Grace, only daughter of the late Walter Herbert Glover, of Birkdale and Grasmere, and Mrs. Glover.

The Times - October 24, 1955
The Basis of Speech
Sir Richard Paget, Bt., a leading authority on speech, vocal acoustics, and gesture language, died yesterday at his home in London at the age of 86.

His original studies of the problems of sound in general, and of those involved in voice production in particular, could always be relied upon to interest, and sometimes to startle, anyone unfamiliar with they branches of science in which he was an expert. The late Sir Oliver Lodge said of him: "Having been endowed by nature with hypersensitive appreciation of the niceties of musical tone, he has cultivated his faculty to the uttermost until to ordinary people his achievements in that direction are astonishing. He has, moreover made an involved study of sounds of all kinds, especially of the varieties of sound used in human speech." He was a scientist with a mission, happiest when his studies were directed to the contribution of knowledge calculated to benefit those handicapped by physical misfortune.

Sir Richard Arthur Surtees Paget, the second holder of a baronetcy created in 1886, was born on January 13, 1869, the eldest son of the first baronet, whom he succeeded in 1908. He was educated at Eton, and Magdalen College, Oxford, and was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in 1895. He became secretary to the Patent Law Committee in 1900, and in the same year secretary to the court of arbitration set up to deal with a large-scale fishing dispute at Grimsby. He served in a similar capacity to a court of arbitration under the Metropolitan Water Act of 1902, and to the University College Transfer Commission three years later. In 1915 he was appointed assistant secretary to the Admiralty Board of Invention and Research, retaining the post for three years.

He was a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the Physical Society of London, a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and a member of the Royal Institution. He was also an Honorary Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and an Honorary Associate of the Town Planning Institute. He married in 1897 Lady Muriel Evelyn Vernon Finch-Hatton, C.B.E. the only daughter of the twelfth Earl of Winchelsea, and there were two sons and three daughters of the marriage. She died in 1938, and in the following year he married secondly Grace Hartley, the only daughter of the late Walter Herbert Glover, of Birkdale and Grasmere. The elder son of the first marriage died in infancy and the heir to the baronetcy is the surviving son, Mr. John Starr Paget.


1871 Census:

Lowndes Square, St Luke Chelsea
Richard H. Paget - Head - 39 - Landowner, Magistrate, M.P. - East Cranmore, Somerset
Caroline I. Paget - Wife - 23 - Little Munden, Herts
Richard A.S. Paget - Son - 2 - East Cranmore
Friville J.M. Paget - Son - Under 8 Months - East Cranmore

1881 Census:

58, Queen Anne Str, St Marylebone
Caroline I. Paget - Head - Married - 33 - Wife of member of Parliament
Richard A.S. Paget - Son - 12 - Scholar

1901 Census:

10 Cornwall Terrace, St. Marylebone
Richard A.S. Paget - Head - Married - 32 - 1869 - Barrister at law - Cranmore, Somerset
Muriel E.V. Paget - Wife - 24 - 1877 - Kensington, Middlesex

Sir Richard Arthur Surtees Paget, 2nd Bart.