Birth: 18 November 1913

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Kensington, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: Victor William Paget

Mother: Olive May Meatyard


1. Nigel Arthur St. George Gibbs

2. Samuel Peter Barrow

3. Ian Coward

Date of Marriage:

1. 28 February 1935

2. 1 January 1944

3. After 1950

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. St. George, Hanover Square, London

2. King's Chapel of the Savoy, London

3. Not Known


Marriage to Nigel Arthur St. George Gibbes:

Michael Henry Arthur Gibbes (1936-)

Marriage to Samuel Peter Barrow:

Bryan Hugh Samuel Barrow ((1946-)


There is no record of a marriage between Peggy and Ian Coward on the England and Wales BMD for the period 1950-1974. They may have married after 1974 or the marriage may have taken place overseas.

Peggy Hester Pauline Paget