Painting Exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery

An Elderly Lady (1820) – 36" x 24" – Oil on Canvas.

This image was kindly supplied by the National Portrait Gallery, London

Other Portraits

Edward Lloyd Sanders (1837) – 32" x 26" – Oil on canvas

Edward Lloyd Sanders was one of two sons of Joseph Sanders, who had been a founding partner of the Exeter Bank (Established 1769). E. L. Sanders was admitted to the partnership in 1810. This painting now forms part of the collection of the National Westminster Bank and is (or was) at the Whipton sub-branch.

Ponsford Works

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Ponsford Works

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Joseph Whidbey - Oil on canvas - (before 1815)

This portrait possibly hangs outside the library of the headquarters of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It was probably painted before Whidbey was made Freeman of the Borough of Plymouth in March 1815. (Information to be confirmed.)

In 1806, as the Napoleonic Wars impended, Lord St. Vincent commissioned John Rennie and Joseph Whidbey to plan a means of making Plymouth Bay a safe anchorage for the Channel Fleet. In 1811 came the order to begin construction; Whidbey was appointed Acting Superintending Engineer. This task required great engineering, organizational and political skills, as the many strictly technical challenges were complicated by the significant resources devoted to the project, from which various parties evidenced a desire for advantage. Nearly 4,000,000 tons of stone were quarried and transported, using about a dozen ships innovatively designed by the two engineers.

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