Birth: 24 April 1922

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: Charles Octavius Paget

Mother: Margarete Krisper

Spouse(s): Not Known

Date of Marriage: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Not Known


Not Known


Custodian Museum of Natural History, Vienna.

Paget, Oliver, b. Vienna, April 24, 1922, zoologist, anthropologist and paleontologist.

From 1955 at the Museum of Natural History, 1979-1987 first director. Under his management the "Children's Room" opened in 1977, an example followed by numerous museums. With the introduction of an Open Day and many special exhibitions P. did a lot for public education. Some mollusc species, one crustacean and one ant species are named after him.

Oliver provided material concerning the Pagets from Great Yarmouth, for the publication entitled “Family, love, and work in the lives of Victorian gentlewomen” By Mildred Jeanne Peterson

The information provided was about Sarah Elizabeth Tolver, wife of Samuel Paget of Great Yarmouth.

Oliver's grandmother was Rosa Mayreder, a friend of Hugo Wolf.

Dr. Oliver E. Paget, born 1922, born in Vienna, comes from his father's side of an old English family, (name pronounced "Pädschet"), completed high school and University (zoology, genetics, anthropology). After some zoological "transit stations" he began in 1955 his activities as head of the molluscan collection (snails, clams, squid) at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. He worked there 33 years, in 1972 director of the third Zoological Department (invertebrates) and 1976 wirkl. Councilor appointed. He had 1979-1987, the great honor of this famous building was the first director shall be guided by. To him goes first, was founded in 1977, "CHILDREN ROOM in a Natural History Museum Europa back.

Dr. Paget has his family tree research in the computer data of more than 2,000 people registered for.
The documents date back to 1520 years back about. This resulted in a very large, interesting family history of the main families in England and PAGET OBERMAYER in Austria. (The most famous members of the family: Sir James Paget, physician to Queen Victoria, discoverer of many, after named him Diseases and Rosa OBERMAYER - Mayreder, feminist, writer, artist, librettist (for Hugo Wolf's only opera, "Corregidor"), Queen also at the last Austrian 500.-S - sham. Family history is not yet published.

Paget, Dr. is also working on a history of the mollusk in Austria and at the NHM.

Hobbies: computer Genealogy, classical music, photography, occasionally even poetry.

Dr. Oliver Edgar Paget