Birth: 1783 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Not Known

Baptism: 9 April 1783

Place of Baptism: St. James, Westminster, Middlesex

Death: 29 April 1835

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: Henry Bayly Paget

Mother: Jane Champagné

Spouse(s): Thomas North Graves

Date of Marriage: 27 June 1803

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Devonshire


William Thomas Graves (1804-1870)
Jane Anne Graves (1805-1881)
Louisa Elizabeth Graves (1806-1868)
Caroline North Graves (1807-1861)
Mary Elizabeth Charlotte Graves (1810-1827)
Augusta Champagne Graves (1812-1844)
Hesther Charlotte Graves (1814-1880)
George Augustus Frederick Clarence Graves (1816-)
Isabella Letitia Graves (1817-1870)
Henry Richard Graves (1818-1882)
Adolphus Edward Paget Graves (1821-1891)
Paget Trefusis Graves (1825-1826)


Lady Graves: 26 August 1828; resigned 1832
Lady Mary Paget (1783–1835), fifth daughter of Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge, and sister of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey. In 1803 she married Thomas North, the 2nd Lord Graves, who was Comptroller of the Household of the Duke of Sussex (sixth son of George III), 1804–30; a Tory MP, 1812–27; Lord of the Bedchamber, 1813–27; and Commissioner of the Excise, 1827–30. He was, however, a man of limited means and whilst his wife lived at Hampton Court he maintained a modest townhouse in Hanover Street. Lady Graves was intelligent and beautiful with a reputation for being slightly eccentric. She was reputedly the first lady of distinction to dance a waltz and the first to wear spectacles in public. In 1829–30 it was alleged that she was having an affair with Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (fifth son of George III). Despite living apart, Lord and Lady Graves were often seen together and appeared very close. Lord Graves, however, became depressed and cut his throat in the apartment in 1830. Lady Graves continued her tenure at the palace, but never recovered. By 1832 she had resigned her apartment to live with her daughter in London.

Mary Paget