Birth: 15 August 1860

Place or Registered Place of Birth: St. George's, Hanover Square, London, Middlesex

Baptism: 9 September 1860

Place of Baptism: St. Thomas, Regent St., Westminster, London, Middlesex

Death: 23 June 1945 - Aged 84

Place or Registered Place of Death: Eton, Berkshire

Father: James Paget

Mother: Lydia North


The Pagets' youngest child, Mary Maud, lived with her parents throughout their lives. She was a musician, wrote articles on music history, and engaged in philanthropic activity.

Bodleian Library - Oxford
Letters and Autographs collected by Mary Maud Paget
Paget | Mary Maud | d 1945
Papers of the Paget and Thompson families, including:
Diaries of Mary Maude Paget, daughter of Sir James Paget, 1895-9
Albums of photographs, 19th cent.
Diaries of J.M. Thompson, mainly of holiday tours, 1891-1936
Sketch-books of J.M. Thompson, containing watercolour, pen and pencil sketches, 1901-27, n.d.

The Times - June 25, 1945


Miss Paget, younger daughter of the late Sir James Paget, 1st Bt., F.R.S., died on June 23. A correspondent writes: -

A word of farewell to Mary Maud Paget, the last to survive of Sir James Paget's sons and daughters, who has now died at the age of 84. She was one who lived so eagerly notwithstanding complete loss of sight, that it is impossible not to picture her as wondering why she had been called away from life so soon! She had her share of the endowments of her family that made Sir John Paget an authority in certain branches of the law, and set Francis and Luke as diocesan bishops and gave to Stephen a rare literary charm.

Mary was a skilled musician, and a great champion of all professional musicians. During the 1914-18 war she organized concerts in hospitals and camps, and these proved so successful that they were carried on under the title of "Music in Villages" for many years, an undertaking generously financed by the Carnegie Trust. Her concert parties toured from village to village, bringing classical and professional music where it had seldom, if ever, been heard, but where it received enthusiastic welcome. Indeed one old man was found tramping to an evening concert seven miles from his home as "we didn't have no Bach in our village."

In earlier days Mary Paget had becn a pioneer in the work of girls' clubs, and to the end of her life kept in touch with her former club members. Total blindness fell on her in middle life; she had characteristically prepared for it by learning Braille, but - characteristically again - no word of self-pity ever crossed her lips, she made light of the darkness of her disability, laughing at mishaps. Life and fniendship were such a joy to her that there can be little doubt that she would enter into any new experience of living with intense enthusiasm.


1861 Census:

1, Harewood Place, St Georges Hanover Square, Westminster
Francis Paget - Son - 10 - Scholar -
Henry Luke Paget - Son - 7 - Scholar -
Stephen Paget - Son - 5 - Scholar -
Mary Maud Paget - Daughter - 8 Months

1871 Census:

Harewood Place, St George Hanover Square, London, Westminster
Catherine Paget - Daughter - 24 - 1847 - Middlesex
John R. Paget - Son - 23 - 1848 - Student at Law - Middlesex
Francis Paget - Son - 20 - 1851 - Student - Middlesex
Mary M. Paget - Daughter - 10 - 1861 - Student - Middlesex

1881 Census:

1, Harewood Place, St George Hanover Square
James Paget - Head - Married - 67 - Surgeon F.R.C.S. England - Yarmouth
Lydia Paget - Wife - 66 - London
John R. Paget - Son - Single - 33 - Barrister - London
Stephen Paget - Son - 25 - Student of Medicine - London
Mary Maud Paget - Daughter - Single - 20 - London

1901 Census:

28, Campden Hill Square, Kensington
Mary M. Paget - Head - Single - 40 - Living on own means - St. George, Hanover Square
Michael S. Thompson - Nephew - Single - 19 - Student of Engineering - Iron Acton, Gloucestershire

1911 Census:

28, Campden Hill Square, Kensington
Mary Maud Paget - Head - Single - 50 - St. George's, Hanover Square

Mary Maud Paget