Birth: 25 January 1834

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Cranmore Hall, Somerset

Baptism: 1 July 1834

Place of Baptism: St. James, East Cranmore, Somerset

Death: 16 March 1931 - Aged 97

Place or Registered Place of Death: The Lodge, Tipton St. John, Devon

Father: John Moore Paget

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Doveton

Spouse(s): Douglas William Parish Labalmondière

Date of Marriage: 7 October 1856

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. James, East Cranmore, Shepton Mallet, Somerset


Margaret Paget Labalmondière (1858-)
Julian Arthur Labalmondière (1859-1913)

Margaret Doveton Paget

Madame Labalmondiere
By Camille Silvy

16 March 1866