Birth: 26 March 1777

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Westminster, London, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: St. James, Westminster, London, Middlesex

Death: 23 January 1842 - Aged 64

Place or Registered Place of Death: Belgrave Square, London, Middlesex

Place of Burial: Kensal Green Cemetery, London, Middlesex

Father: Henry Bayly Paget

Mother: Jane Champagné


1. James Erskine

2. George Murray

Date of Marriage:

1. 5 March 1801

2. 28 April 1825

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Horsham, Sussex

2. Sunninghill, Berkshire


Marriage to George Murray:

Louisa Georgina Augusta Anne Murray (1822-1891)


The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 94, No. 591 (Jun., 1952), pp. 171-173
Lawrence's 'Miss Murray' at Kenwood
By Peter Murray
At least three versions of Lawrence's portrait of Louisa Georgina Augusta Anne, daughter of General Sir George Murray, are known to exist - one in the Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood, one in the Frick Collection, New York, and a third which passes through the collections of Louis Huth, Lord Wittenham, and Lady Hermione Cameron of Lochiel, and was sold at Christie's in 1946. The new catalogue of the Frick Collection says that General Sir George Murray 'in 1926…..married Lady Louisa Erskine, sister of the Marquess of Anglesey……she being 48 and he in his 54th year. Their daughter was born at Ealing, November 28, 1927…..' The compiler goes on to comment that 'when Lawrence died, the sitter was only 25 months and 10 days old' and that a child of 2 has the appearance of 6 or 7 in the portrait, which is perfectly true. The sitter was not 2 but about 5½. Firstly, the announcement in the Births and Deaths column of The Times for February 25, 1891, says 'On the 20th inst., at Bordighera, Italy, Louisa G.A.A. Boyce, widow of the late Major Boyce of the 2nd Life Guards, aged 68…..' She must, therefore, have been born in 1822 or January 1 to February 19, 1823, but her marriage certificate enables us to fix the date of her birth between February and September 1822 and also to be certain that Mrs. Boyce was Miss Murray. The certificate shows that Louisa Georgina Augusta Anne Murray married Henry (G.) Boyce, of the 2nd Life Guards, at St. George's, Hanover Square, on September 14, 1843. Her father was a witness, and she is stated to be of 'full age'.

The child born at Ealing in November 1827 cannot be the child who sat to Lawrence and, in fact, the announcement in the Gentleman's Magazine (II, 1827, p. 556) reads '…..the wife of Lieut.-Gen. Murray, a daughter' - not 'Lieut.-Gen. Sir George' of 'Lady Louisa'. The Army List for 1828 contains a Lieut.-Gen. John Murray ('made 27 May 1825'), and this child may have been his although the final proof, the birth or baptismal certificate, cannot be traced.

Conclusive proof that Sir George's daughter, Lawrence's Miss Murray, could not have been born in 1827 is afforded by the picture itself, for it was begun in December 1825, completed and engraved in 1827, the engravings by W. Humphreys being dated September 1, 1827, and published in the Bijou for 1828.

Note: Louisa's marriage to Sir George Murray on 28 April 1825 was an IGI "Extracted marriage record.....", not a later submission by a LDS church member, therefore it is reasonable certain that the date of marriage and location are correct. James Erskine, Louisa's first husband, died 3 March 1825 and the marriage to Sir George Murray followed very quickly, about 7 weeks later. This would seem to be unlikely, unless Louisa and Sir George had been in a relationship for some time prior to their marriage. This conclusion may go some way to explain the birth of their daughter in late 1822. This submission is supported by a statement in "The Canada Company and the Huron Tract, 1826-1853", By Robert C. Lee - p. 260 footnote:

"From 1820, he (Sir George Murray) lived in England in an illicit relationship with Lady Louisa Erskine, the wife of British Lieutenant-General Sir James Erskine.. When Erskine died in 1825, Murray married his widow, but this episode hurt him socially."

Political Letters and Pamphlets Published
Civil List Pensions
A Letter to the Right Honourable Wilmot Horton
If this Lady now receives this pension, it is most extraordinary; she was a daughter of the old Lord Uxbridge, and ran away to marry Colonel Erskine—a love match which greatly offended her father, and the old King gave her this pension. She has since become the wife ot Sir George Murray. This gentleman has just retired from the office of Colonial Secretary. If he sanctions her drawing this pension as the divorced wife of Sir James Erskine, "Proh pudor!"

The Economist
14 September 1843
At St. George's Church, Hanover square, Miss Louisa Georgina Augusta Anne Murray, only daughter of General the Right Honourable Sir George Murray, G.C.B., Master-General of the Ordnance, to Henry George Boyce, Esq., of the 2nd Life Guards, eldest son of Mr. and the late Lady Amelia Boyce.

The Gentleman's Magazine - March 1842
January 23
In Belgrave-sq. in her 65th year Lady Louisa, wife of the Rt. Hon. Sir Geo. Murray, G.C.B. and sister to the Marquess of Anglesey. She was the third dau. of Henry first Earl of Uxbridge, by Jane, eldest dau. of the Very Rev. Arthur Champagne, Dean of Clonmacnois; was married first in 1801 to Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Erskine, Bart, who died in 1825, without issue; and secondly in 1826 to Sir George Murray.


1851 Census:

Park Place, Mitcham, Surrey
Louisa G.A.A. Boyce - Head - Widow - 28 - 1823 - Gentle Woman, Fund Holder - Finchley, Middlesex
William F. Boyce - Brother-in-Law - Unmarried - 32 - 1819 - Clerk, Ordnance Office

1861 Census:

Park House, Common Side West, Mitcham, Surrey
Louisa G.A.A. Boyce - Head - Widow - 38 - 1823 - Fund Holder - Finchley, Middlesex
Frederick A. Boyce - Brother-in-Law - Unmarried - 41 - 1820 - Retired Commander R.W. - London, Middlesex

Louisa Paget