Birth: 1777 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 17 August 1842

Place or Registered Place of Death: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Father: Joseph Paget

Mother: Mary Harding

Spouse(s): Ann Byng

Date of Marriage: 27 December 1798

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Tamworth, Warwickshire


Charles Paget (1799-1873)
Jane Paget (1801-1870)
Henry Paget (1804-1858)
Joseph Edward Paget (1805-1831


Woodgate House was built by Joseph Paget in 1838 and used a Roman Catholic Rosminian convent. It was demolished in 1993

The Paget brothers, Joseph & William had already gained a reputation as the most eminent manufactures of hosiery and lace at their business in Loughborough called Paget & White. The brothers also had their own banking house known later as Paget & Kirby. The board of the Pleasley company were now strong in experience as well as men of substance but they also had other qualities that other companies of the time were lacking - compassion and benevolence to the workers. At the time there was no factory legislation and the rights of workers, particularly child labourers, would normally fall fowl of ruthless owners. The Poor Law children who were employed at Pleasley mills were treated exceptionally well, relatively speaking, they were provided with an education, which was unheard of at other factories. Charles had bought his first share in the Pleasley business in 1832 from a former board member, which proved to be a fortuitous move because the share his father owned, after his death in 1842, was passed by a joint ownership agreement to William, who retired a year later, both shares passing to his son, William II who also inherited the share of the Loughborough based lace company, which he managed. Thomas Paget also retired the following year, selling his share equally between Charles and William II making them both the major shareholders even though neither had any management responsibilities at the firm. The experienced manager of the firm at this time was William Hollins, however, he had no share but the Pagets placed such faith in him that they made him a partner on his own merits. In 1844 the Siddon shareholder died and the name Siddon was dropped. The firm was renamed William Hollins & Company.

Whitehall Evening Post (1770) (London, England), Thursday, December 27, 1798; Issue 8024
Mr. Joseph Pagett, of Loughborough, to Miss Ann Byng, third daughter of the Rev. John Byng, of Tamworth.

The will of Joseph Paget of Loughborough
Those mentioned in the will were:
Charles Paget (the eldest son)
William Paget (brother)
Thomas Paget - surgeon - (nephew)
Thomas Tertius Paget of Humberstone
Henry Paget (second son)
Jane Parker (daughter)
Rev. William Parker - Clerk
Ellen Paget (son Henry's wife)
Anne Ellen Paget (daughter of son Henry and daughter-in-law, Ellen)
Charles and Henry Paget were the executors of the will drafted 17 November 1841.
Codicil to take into account additional property acquired by Joseph since the drafting of the will and mentions:
Clare Paget of Leicester
Thomas Paget ???? Cape
Codicil - 15 August 1842
Will proved P.C.C., 5 September 1842

Joseph Paget