Birth: 1728 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Daventry, Northamptonshire

Baptism: 28 March 1729

Place of Baptism: Basildon, Berkshire

Death: 5 October 1782

Place or Registered Place of Death: Doulting, Somerset

Father: Thomas Paget

Mother: Elizabeth Cobb


1. Anne Millward

2. Sarah Jeffery

Date of Marriage:

1. 27 August 1757

2. 9 December 1765

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Mells, Somerset

2. Sherborne, Dorset


Marriage to Anne Millward:

Anne Aletheia Elizabeth Paget (1758-1816)

Marriage to Sarah Jeffery:

Sarah Jeffery Paget (1766-1810)
Elizabeth Jeffery Paget (1773-1788)


Oxford University Alumni
Paget, John, s. Thomas, of Basildon, Berks, cler. Oriel Coll., matric. 22 March. 1745-6, aged 17; B.A. 1749, M.A. 1754, vicar of Doulton, Somerset, died 5 Oct., 1782.

Marriages 1760-1779
Transcribed by Sheila Carr
1765 Dec 09 John PAGET clerk of Doulting Somerset & Sarah JEFFERY
Witnesses: Samuel JEFFERY jnr. Richard PAGET; by Licence.

Shalford seems to have passed from the Crown in 1544 like Stavordale manor and in 1570 Richard and Charles Zouche were licensed to sell it to John Ewens. In the following year Ewens had licence to sell to Edward Hyne. (fn. 27) Hyne (d. 1611) settled Shalford in 1596 on his second son Edward (d. 1610) for his marriage. In 1611 the heir was the younger Edward's infant son Edward. (fn. 28) In 1663 Edward and his son Edward sold the estate to Thomas Strode, James Churchey (d. 1665), and his son Richard Churchey, retaining a life interest for the elder Edward and securing dower for his widow. (fn. 29) Edward Hyne the elder was dead by 1668 when his widow Jane surrendered her life interest to James Churchey the younger. (fn. 30) Shalford descended like Roundhill (fn. 31) until 1726 when James Lawrence Churchey's trustees sold it to John Paget (d. 1745) of Poyntington (Som. now Dors.), a clergyman, whose son John had married Churchey's niece Elizabeth Webb (d. by 1730). (fn. 32) John Paget the younger (d. 1761) left the estate to his nephew John Paget (d. 1782) of Doulting, a clergyman. (fn. 33) John's daughter Elizabeth died a minor in 1788 and Shalford passed to her sister Sarah (d. 1810), wife of the Revd. Edward Bradford. (fn. 34) Sarah left two children Edward (d. 1822 under age) and Sarah (d. 1879) who married (Sir) William Coles Medlycott in 1830. (fn. 35) Sir William (d. 1882) was succeeded in turn by his sons Sir William Coles Paget Medlycott (d. 1887) and Sir Edward Bradford Medlycott. (fn. 36) In 1901 Sir Edward sold Shalford to Mrs. Winifred Ducat. (fn. 37)

Rev. John Paget