Birth: 1679 - circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Charlton-on-Oxmoor, Oxfordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 1745 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Death: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Father: William Paget

Mother: Katherine Lock

Spouse(s): Martha Wallington

Date of Marriage: 1724 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire


Hannah Paget (1725-1797)
William Paget (1727-1798)
John Paget (1730-1774)
Sibby Paget (1732-1804)
Martha Paget (1735-1816)


Family Settlement Kem/VII/1 4 June 15 George II 1742
Parchment, 1, 2 seals
PARTIES: 1. John Pagett of Chipping Norton, gent.
2. Henry Fairfax of Chipping Norton, gent.
SUBJECT OF TRANSACTION In consideration of 5s. 1. grants to 2.: messuages with malthouse, 2 gardens and appurts. in Chipping Norton, now held by 1. and 2.; and 2½ yardlands of arable, meadow and pasture with appurts. in Chipping Norton; and little piece of ground at lower end of the Coneygree, adjoining the summerhouse measuring 33ft. long by 19ft. broad, with a way 15ft. wide on the south side of the coneygree adjoining Mrs. Busby's garden.2. to hold the premises on trust for 1. for life, then on trust for John Pagett, second son of 1. and his heirs male, and in default for his heirs female, then on trust for William Pagett, eldest son of 1. and his heirs, then for Hannah Pagett in tail male then to Sibby Pagett in tail male tail male, then for Martha Pagett in tail male, and in default for the heirs female of Hannah, Sibby and Martha (daus. of 1.) and in default, for Thomas Blisserd the younger late of Chipping Norton, now of London, gent for life, then for William son of Simon Pagett, nephew of 1. and his heirs then for William Pagett, nephew of 1., and then for the nearest relations of 1. Memo that grant can (except his neice, Hannah, wife of Edward be enlarged to Stockford of Chipping Norton, salesman) same uses.
SIGNATURES: John Pagett; Henry Fairfax
ENDORSEMENTS (a) Witness to Sealing: Michael Day, Cha. Brown

John Paget