Birth: 27 September 1803

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Tamworth, Staffordshire

Baptism: 10 January 1805

Place of Baptism: Tamworth, Staffordshire

Death: July 1836 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Death: Doncaster, Yorkshire

Father: Thomas Bradley Paget

Mother: Mary Warren

Spouse(s): Robert Baxter

Date of Marriage: 28 April 1825

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Martin's, Leicester, Leicestershire


Nona Roberta Baxter (1826-1893)
Robert Dudley Baxter (1827-1875)
Mary Selina Baxter (1828-)
Susan Harriet Sophia Baxter (1829-)
Anna Dorothy Baxter (1830-)
Joanna Maria Baxter (1830-)
Esther Baxter (1833-)
Thomas Bradley Baxter (1833-)
Lucy Catherine Baxter (1834-)
Michael Paget Baxter (1835-1910)
Francis Eldon Baxter (1836-1904)


Presumably Joanna died at the birth of the last child, Francis Eldon, in 1836.

Joanna Maria Nona Paget