Birth: 1539 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Beaudesert, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: November 1560

Place or Registered Place of Death: Hengrave, Suffolk

Father: William Paget

Mother: Anne Preston

Spouse(s): Thomas Kitson

Date of Marriage: 1557 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Not Known


Time, Space, adn Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe
By Anne Jacobson Schutte, Thomas Kuehn, Silvana Seidel Menchi
.......Jane Paget and Thomas Kitson, who married in their mid-to-late teens in 1557 or 1558, lived with his mother, the Countess of Bath. [fn. Thomas was the Countess's son by her first husband, Sir Thomas Kitson (d. 1540). The Kitson-Paget marriage took place between June 1557, when Lord Paget still referred to Thomas formally as Master Kitson and mentioned the possibility of the marriage obliquely, and the following year, when he spoke of "my daughter Kitson"] In June of the latter year, Jane visited her parents while one of her sisters was lying-in at their London residence. Her father wrote to the countess asking permission to extend Jane's stay with them because she was suffering from a condition he called green sickness. He hoped doctors in the city would be able to cure her. A year and a half later, Jane visited her parents once again. This time Lady Paget thought her daughter was ill with consumption. She not only wanted her to remain at home indefinitly but hoped the countess would allow Jane's husband to join her. The countess's servant doubted Lady Paget's diagnosis - he remarked that her father thought Jane had never looked better - and suggested that her mother was inventing an excuse to keep her in London. [fn. Jane's mother may well have been correct since she died by November 1560.]

Jane (Joan) Paget