Birth: 1643 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Beaudesert, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: William Paget

Mother: Frances Rich


1. Mary Sandford (1647-1683)

2. Mary O'Rorke

Date of Marriage:

1. Before 1670

2. 29 March 1684

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Not Known

2. St. Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland


Marriage to Mary Stafford:

Rupert Paget
Charles Paget
James Paget

Marriage to Mary O'Rorke:

Thomas Paget (1676-1741
Dorothy Paget (1685-1740)


Henry was also married to Mary O'Rorke, daughter of Col. Hugh O'Rorke and Joan Reynolds. The second marriage was by licence dated 29 March 1684 at St. Kevin's, Dublin.

Henry Paget lived at St. Michael's, Dublin, Ireland.

Henry had four other sons by his first wife, but they all died without issue.

William, the cavalier Lord Paget, died in 1678, leaving two sons, William the sixth baron, whose distinguished career as a Diplomatist of European reputation we have lately traced, and a second son, the Hon. Henry Paget.

I never expected to be so fortunate as to get any trace of this younger son, but Mr. Gayford, in working through the volumes of additional MSS. in the British Museum, was so lucky as to come across the subjoined Petition of Henry Paget to Queen Anne presented in the year 1703.

It should be prefaced that the State Papers of 1693 and of 1695 mention a Captain Henry Paget, whom we can hardly doubt from the Petition to be identical with our present subject of inquiry. In 1693 there is a commission for Captain Henry Paget to be placed in Sir James Leslie's Regiment of Foot, and in 1695 a certain John is commissioned to be captain in Captain Henry Paget's late company in Colonel Scroop Hone's Regiment. If the Hon. Henry Paget was born a few years (say two) after his elder brother, he would have been about fifty-three years old in 1694, and sixty-two in 1703. In the Petition he states that he had served twenty-five years in the Royal Regiment of Guards in Ireland, so that it is highly probable that Captain Henry Paget fought under William IV at the Battle of the Boyne and other engagements, as this would agree with the political views and action of his elder brother, Lord Paget, and also with what is said in the Petition as to King William's bounty to him.

It is probable that he retired from the service about 1694 or 1695. Here then is the Petition which, so far as I know, has never before been noticed or printed in our family records:

Memorial of Henry Paget [second son the fifth Baron Paget].

"That on the third of December he delivered a Petition to the Queen setting forth his hardships in being put out of his commission after having served upwards of twenty-five years in the Royal Regiment of Guards in Ireland, having lost substance by the war in Ireland, and later being many years out of employ, so that he is reduced to very great want having a wife and children to maintain and nothing to support them. In consideration of which His late Majesty King William was pleased out of his bounty money to give your Petitioner £60 half yearly which was paid by your Lords of the Treasury.

"We humbly pray assistance."


Now all this is further borne out by the old genealogical table of the Paget family, which states that this Henry Paget married a daughter of Robert Sandford, Esq., of Sandford in county of Salop, and afterwards "settled in Ireland," which might very well be a mistake for his having served in the army in Ireland for twenty-five years. He had two children, Thomas Paget, his only son, who was groom of the bedchamber to George II, and a daughter, Dorothy Paget, who married Sir Edward Irby, Bart. This is all I have been able to gather about the Hon. Captain Henry Paget.

Mary Sandford was the daughter of Robert Sandford and Anne Daniels of Shropshire. Mary Sandford was born about 1647 at Sandford in Shropshire and died in Ireland 15 December 1683. She was buried at St. Michan's Church, Dublin in Ireland 19 December 1683. Robert Sandford was the son of Francis Sandfor (1587-) and Anne Kynaston (1555-).

Mary O'Rorke was the daughter of Colonel Hugh O'Rorke and Joan Reynolds.

Hon. Captain Henry Paget