Birth: 31 December 1857

Place or Registered Place of Birth: 41 Cumming St., Clerkenwell, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 27 March 1936 - Aged 79

Place or Registered Place of Death: Hampstead, London

Father: Robert Paget

Mother: Martha E. Clarke

Spouse(s): Henrietta Farr

Date of Marriage: 4 September 1879

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Holy Trinity, Bromley, Kent


Gladys Mary Paget (1881-)
Dorothy Paget (1882-)
Ferrand Paget (1888-)
Geoffrey Walter Paget (1890-)



Compiled by Bill Fevyer
Paget, Henry Marriott Case 25633
Paget, Arthur Leonard
At great personal risk, rescued two ladies and attempted to save two others from drowning at Hayling Island (Hampshire), on the 22nd August, 1891.

Henry Marriott Paget RBA (1856-1936)

The oldest brother, Henry Paget was a painter of historical subjects and portraits. He was born in London, entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1874, and exhibited at the Academy from 1879-94. His wife Henrietta (nee Henrietta Farr) also painted. Henry Paget's paintings, especially his historical scenes, were illustrative rather than inspiring. He also undertook mythological subjects - Circe, Odysseus and so on. As an illustrator, his high point was in the Balkan War of 1912-13, when he was illustrator for the Sphere in Constantinople.

Portraits by Henry Paget include W. B. Yeats (1889) at the Ulster Museum, and Prof. MacMullan (c. 1901-2) at the Queen's University, Belfast.

Lot Description
LITERATURE, THEATRE AND MUSIC. A collection of autograph letters signed by 19th- and 20th-century writers, actors, and composers, circa 1879-1982, including:
Samuel BUTLER. 3 autograph letters signed to H.M. Paget, 1879/80, on Paget's work and family, his own travels, and sales of Erewhon, 11 pages, 8vo; George CLAUSEN to H.M. Paget, 1927, on materials and methods in painting, one page, 8vo; George WHYTE-MELVILLE, n.d., urging publication of his books (on sporting subjects) in time for the season, 3 pages, 8vo; Lady (Augusta) GREGORY to A.P. Graves, 1909, on his fairy tale book and saying the theatre takes all her time, 4 pages, 8vo; George William RUSSELL ('A.E.') to Mrs Emery [Florence Farr, in Ceylon], 1916, on the general situation, war, philosphy, Yeats ('a little less inhuman'), mentioning Padraic Colum and other writers, 2 pages, 4to; Edward John Plunket, Lord DUNSANY, 3 including one to 'A.E.', [n.d., 1937 and 1951], on his novel about Ireland, and generally about his writings, 7 pages, 8vo; Max BEERBOHM to André Raffalovich, 1919, '[I] shall whisper to the blinking (yet respectful) servant that I am a friend of M. Raffalovich, am going to be an LLD, and should like to lie down', 2 pages, 8vo; Robert GRAVES to Peter Cranham, 1968, commenting on his old age, 'I look back to no years of inconstancy but find my life all of a piece', one page, 4to; Gordon CRAIG. 10 autograph letters signed (2 including self-caricatures) to Percy Rhodes (actor), 1891-1894, on starting his company, discussing parts and performances, 25 pages, 8vo, and a signed and inscribed portrait photograph; and letters by Ellen Terry, Mrs Patrick Campbell ('Beatrice Stella Campbell'), Sacheverell Sitwell (2, and one incomplete), Stephen Spender (typed), Enid Bagnold (typed), Maurice Cardiff (3), Sir John Summerson (2), Keidryk Rhys, Geoffrey Grigson, Constant Lambert (2), Benjamin Britten (typed letter signed about a part), Lord (Gerald) Berners, Cyril Beaumont, Richard Buckle (ballet critic, 4), Frederick Ashton, Cicely Courtneige, Jean Denis Malcles (5, about designs for 'Orphée aux Enfers'), Jules Massenet (to his biographer, with related items), and other signatories; 2 printed works by Lady (Augusta) Gregory, The Full Moon (Dublin, 1911) and The Kiltartan History Book (Dublin, 1909, both worn, wrappers detached); 2 printed volumes of verse, inscribed and signed by Sacheverell Sitwell; and theatrical memorabilia.

Henry Marriott Paget (1856-1936), painter and illustrator, was a leading member of the Bedford Park circle of writers and artists, and a friend of Shaw and William Butler Yeats. His brothers, Sidney and Walter, were also artists, and his daughter, Dorothy, an actress.

The Medical Press - 1879
Paget:Farr. - On Sept. 4, at Holy Trinity, Bromley, Henry M. Paget, to Henrietta, third daughter of Wm. Farr, M.D., F.R.S., D.C.I., of Bickley.

The Medical Times and Gazette - 1879
On Septembe 4, at Bromley Common, Kent, Henry Marriott Paget, third son of Robert Paget, ESq., of 19, Lloyd-square, London, to Henrietta, third daughter of William Farr, M.D., F.R.S., of Southlands, Bickley.


1881 Census:

Milton Lodge, The Avenue, Acton
Henry M. Paget - Head - 24 - Artist, Painter - Moulstone Combe, Clerkenwell
Henrietta Paget - Wife - 29 - 1852 - Artist, Painter - Marylebone, Middlesex
Gladys M. Paget - Daughter - 0 - 1881

1901 Census:

76, Parkhill Road, Hampstead, London
Henry M. Paget - Head - Married - 44 - 1857 - Artist and Illustrator - Clerkenwell, London
Henrietta Paget - Wife - 49 - 1852 - St. Johns Wood, London
Gladys M. Paget - Daughter - Single - 20 - 1881 - Chiswick, Middlesex
Dorothy Paget - Daughter - Single - 18 - 1883 - Chiswick, Middlesex
Ferrand Paget - Son - 13 - 1888 - Chiswick, Middlesex
Geoffrey Paget - Son - 11 - 1890 - Middlesex

1911 Census:

76, Parkhill Road, Hampstead, London
Henry Marriott Paget - Head - 54 - Artist - Clerkenwell
Henrietta Paget - Wife - 59 - Artist - St. Johns Wood, London
Geoffrey W. Paget - Son - Single - 21 - 1890- Undergraduate in Cambridge - Acton, Middlesex

Henry Marriott Paget