Birth: 6 June 1908

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 30 September 1993

Place or Registered Place of Death: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Father: Harold Wilfred Paget

Mother: Lillian Mary Lawrence

Spouse(s): Norma Dulcie Hannah ?? (Born 2 November 1911)

Date of Marriage: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Not Known


In 1933 Ferrand Paget was living in Brisbane Australia. He was the owner of a firm called Paget Motors.

The Courier Mail, Brisbane - Friday 13 October 1933
Gilbert Joseph Hill (28), motor car dealer, pleaded not guilty before his Honour Mr. Justice Macrossan, S.P.J., in the Criminal court yesterday to a charge of having, on March 8, 1932, stolen a motor car, the property of Ferrand Paget. There was a second count of receiving.

Mr. J. A. Sheehy (Crown Prosecutor) appeared for the Crown and Mr. B. J. Jeffriess (Instructed by Messrs. W. J. Kennedy and Co.) for the defence.

Opening the case for the Crown, Mr. Sheehy said that Mr. Paget, who was a member of the firm of Paget Motors, left a motor car with the engine numbered "C.A.Q. ' 8382 " in Eagle Street on March 8, 1932. The car was stolen. It was the custom of the firm to place seals bearing the name of the firm on the speedometer cable of the cars they let out. This had been done In the case of the stolen car. On August 6 last a car, which Mr. Paget was able to identify positively as the car which had been stolen, was found. He found at the bottom of the speedometer cable an unbroken seal, and there was a portion of another seal at the top of the cable.

On March 11, 1932, said Mr. Sheehy, defendant sold an unregistered motor car of the same make as the one which had been stolen to Mr. Frederick William Dealing, of Oakey. The engine number had been filed off, but the letter "C" and the figures "82" were still decipherable. When questioned by the police, defendant said he had sold the car for a man named Noonan, whose property it was. Asked if he had any documents which would show that the car was Noonan's, defendant replied, "No. I lost them when I was shifting from my last place of business." At a later interview with the police defendant said he had bought the car from a dealer from Maryborough for £65. He did not know the dealer's name.

At the close of the Crown case defendant made a statement from the dock, denying the theft. He said he bought the car from a man named J. Ransom, and produced two receipts.

The jury retired at 5.10 p.m. At 8.15 a verdict of guilty of stealing was returned, and the defendant was remanded for sentence.

Ferrand Wilfred Paget