Birth: 1535 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Beaudesert, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: William Paget

Mother: Anne Preston

Spouse(s): Christopher Alleyn [Allen] (1533-)

Date of Marriage: 1551 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Beaudesert, Staffordshire


Christopher Alleyn was the illegitimate son of John Alleyn, a wealthy mercer and twice Lord Mayor of London. John Alleyn died in 1545.

Landboc: Sive Registrum Monasterii Beatae Mariae Virginis Et Sancti By Winchcomb Monastery
......The lease of 1533 was made, possibly, under a forcasting of the coming dissolution, and signed by Abbat Richard Mounslow, the Prior, and 23 monks to Sir John Alleyn, twice Lord Mayor of London, 1525 and 1533, and giver of a mayoral gold chain, and a man of great charity. Of the subsequent long, litigated conveyance of Sherborne, this is the summary:

(1) The lease of 1533
(2) Sir John Alley's removal after the Dissolution of the Convent.
(3) His will, dated 3 August 1545.
(4) 20 May, 1550, a decree of the Court of Augmentation by Lord Sackville, Chancellor, in favour of Sir John's executors, viz, his brother Christopher, Thomas Pike and John Askowghe, "his cousin and servante;"
(5) 12 February, 1551, Christopher, son of Sir John, assigned the manor to Lord William Paget of Beaudesert, seemingly in consideration of marriage with Ethelreda, his lordship's daughter; and
(6) 9 May, 1551, they sold it to Thomas Dutton, ancestor of the present noble owner.

Ethelreda Paget