Birth: 1810 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Grendon, Warwickshire

Baptism: 25 December 1810

Place of Baptism: Tamworth, Staffordshire

Death: 5 December 1894 - Aged 84

Place or Registered Place of Death: Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Father: Thomas Bradley Paget

Mother: Elizabeth Watkins


The Times - December 10, 1894
Paget. - On the 5th Dec., at Southboro', Tunbridge Wells, Elizabeth Paget, the last surviving daughter of the Rev. T. Bradley Paget, Vicar of Evington, Leicestershire, aged 84.

Last Will and Testament
Finding No DDSD/432
Level Item
Extent 1 Item
Title Probate of will and codicil of Elizabeth Paget of Bidborough in Kent
Date 22 Jan 1895
Description Executors: brother Thomas Bradley Paget, Welton, Canon of York, wife Sophia Beckett
Beneficiaries: maid Sarah Ann Woods; sister in law Sophia Beckett Paget; brother T B Paget; nieces Ada Elizabeth Scholfield, Agnes
Mary Wall, Mildred Augusta Boynton, Mabel Sophia Thomson; cousins Nona Roberta Baxter, Maria Hall, Esther Disney, Lucy Pym
Property: land at Chipping Norton
Witnesses: James Fleming, Vicar of St Michaels, Chester Square; Charles William Hobbs, 162 Ebury Street, SW, scripture reader of St
Michaels Parish, Chester Square
Will dated 8 Jan 1892
Codicil: appoints Robert Stanley Scholfield as executor in place of T B Paget, deceased, 19 Apr 1893


1871 Census:

Chester Terrace, St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, London, Middlesex
Elizabeth Paget - Head - Unmarried - 60 - Landowner - Grendon, Warwickshire

1891 Census:

23, South Eaton Place, St George Hanover Square, London
Elizabeth Paget - Head - Single - 80 - Living on her own means - Grendon, Warwickshire

Elizabeth Paget