Birth: 8 July 1886

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Canon's House, Christchurch, Oxford

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 21 April 1971

Place or Registered Place of Death: St. Mary's Hospital, Mariannhill, South Africa

Father: Francis Paget

Mother: Helen Beatrice Church

Spouse(s): Rosemary Allin - Daughter of Sealey Allin.

Date of Marriage: 20 October 1932

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Salisbury Cathedral, Rhodesia


Armorial Families
Rt. Rev. Edward Francis Paget, M.C, Bishop of S. Rhodesia since 1925, Chaplain to the Forces, M.A. Oxon., served Great War (dispatches, M.C), b. 1886. Res.-Bishop's House, P.O. Box 7, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia.

He married Rosemary Allin on 20 October 1932; they had no children.

The Times - September 20, 1932
Forthcoming Marriages
The Bishop of Southern Rhodesia and Miss Sealey Allin
The engagement is announced between Edward Francis Paget, Bishop of Southern Rhodesia, son of the late Dr. Paget, Bishop of Oxford, and Rosemary, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs Sealey Allin, of Shannonvale, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, The marriage will take place in Salisbury Cathedral, Rhodesia, on October 20, at 10.30 a.m.

The Times - April 23, 1971
The Right Reverend Edward Paget, C.B.E., M.C., D.D.. who was Archbishop of Central Africa from 1955 to 1957, died near Durban on Wednesday night. He was 84.

Edward Paget might be said to be the architect of the Anglican Church in Central Africa as it is today. He served his apprenticeship during the 10 years he worked under Bishop Furse in the Transvaal, and, when he was appointed Bishop of Southern Rhodesia, he was one of the youngest bishops in the Church. His new diocese, though so vast in territory. was so small in church membership that for the first four years he was able to fill the offices of both bishop and Dean. When he left the country 32 bears later, not only had he built up the organization of the church in a remarkable way but he had divided his diocese, formed the new province of Central Africa. and become its first archbishop.

Edward Francis Paget was born in 1886, the son of Francis Paget, Bishop of Oxford. His mother was a daughter of the Very Revd. R. W. Church, Dean of St. Paul's. He was a brother of the late General Sir Bernard Paget and was a cousin and heir presumptive of Captain Sir James Paget, Bart., of Ballater, Aberdeenshire.

He was educated at Shrewsbury. Christ Church. Oxford and Cuddesdon. and was ordained in 1911. He served for three years as curate at Christ Church and with St. Fridesvide's mission, Poplar. Soon after his ordination he had joined a group of 12 young clergymen, friends of Dick Sheppard, who offered themselves to the Church in Western Canada. When this project fell through, Dr. Michael Furse. then Bishop of Pretoria. invited them to come to his diocese instead. and five of them "of the very best". of whom Paget was one, accepted his invitation and went out to the Transvaal. He was made Vicar of Benoni. a post which he held for 11 years, and there he did splendid work especially in charge of the mines on the far eastern part of the Reef. Bishop Furse used to say that. although Paget was by no means the most intellectual member of his remarkable team, which has been described as an ecclesiastical version of Milner's Kindergarten, he was the man who excelled in getting things done. During the First World War, which broke out soon after his arrival in Benoni in 1914, he was for two years chaplain to the forces in East Africa and was awarded the Military Cross.

In 1925 he was elected Bishop of Southern Rhodesia. As chaplain-general to the Southern Rhodesian forces he paid several visits to the Middle East during the Second World War. When the diocese was divided in 1952 into the dioceses of Mashonaland and Matabeleland. he became Bishop of Mashonaland. Up till 1955 the two dioceses of Southern Rhodesia were under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Cape Town, and those of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia under that of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This division of control, and very remote control at that, was not conducive to the efficiency of the work of the Anglican Church in Central Africa, and for many years Paget advocated the formation of a new province. When the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was set up in 1953, the time for the realization of his dream seemed ripe, and the new province of Central Africa was inaugurated in the following year.

Paget retired in 1957 and went to live in Natal. In 1960, when Dr. Ambrose Reeves, Bishop of Johannesburg was deported, he was appointed Vicar-General of the diocese, but he resigned this post after a few months when it was decided that the diocesan constitution prevented him from presiding over the synod. Since 1961 he has been Assistant Bishop of Natal. He married in 1932 Rosemary, daughter of Auriol Sealy Allin.


1891 Census:

Dr Pagets House Christ Church, Meadow Lane, Oxford
Richard J. Paget - Son - 7 - 1884 - Scholar - Worcestershire
Beatrice M. Paget - Daughter - 6 - 1885 - Scholar - Worcestershire
Edward F. Paget - Son - 4 - 1887 - Oxfordshire
Bernard C. Paget - Son - 3 - 1888 - Oxfordshire
Edith F. Paget - Daughter - 1 - 1890 - Oxfordshire

Rt. Rev. Edward Francis Paget
Archbishop of Central Africa