Birth: 1836/37 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Gibralter

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 19 November 1935 - Aged 98

Place or Registered Place of Death: 20 Lowndes St, London

Date of Burial: 23 November 1935

Place of Burial: St. John's Church, Redhill, Surrey

Father: Stewart Henry Paget

Mother: Charlotte Jemima Williams

Spouse(s): George Banks Rennie

Date of Marriage: 25 October 1865

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Taunton, Somerset


Ernest Amelius Rennie (1869-)
Margaret Grace J. Rennie (1871-)
George Arthur P. Rennie (1873-)
Mary Augusta Rennie (1875-)
John Assheton Rennie (1877-)
Maud Marion Rennie (1879-)


GRO Army Chaplains Birth Indices
Charlotte Julia Paget - Born Gibralter - 1836/37

The Times - November 20, 1935
Rennie. - On November 19, 1935, peacefully, Charlotte Julia, widow of George Rennie, of 20, Lowndes Street, daughter of Stewart Henry Paget, in her 99th year. Memorial service at St. Michael's, Chester Square, on Saturday, Nov. 23. Funeral St. John's Church, Redhill. Notice later.

The Times - November 21, 1935
Mrs. Rennie

The death on Tuesday of Mrs. Charlotte Julia Rennie, of 20, Lowndes Street. S.W., in her ninety-ninth year, severs one of the few remaining links with the Victorian age. A correspondent writes of her:- She was the daughter of Stewart Henry Paget and granddaughter of the Hon. Sir Arthur Paget and Lady Augusta Paget on her father's side, and her mother was Charlotte Jemima, daughter of Sir Robert Williams, ninth baronet. She was born at Gibraltar, where her father held an official position, but had lived most of her life in London, in the same house and surroundings, for over 70 years. The early years of her childhood were spent with her parents in Gibraltar, and it was only a short time ago that I heard her describe vividly how she remembered seeing the British Fleet come into Gibraltar Harbour with full sails set, and later, at the time of the Crimean War in 1854, how they had kept open house for the Army and Navy. Probably she was the last one remaining to have seen all this. In 1865 she married George Rennie, grandson of John Rennie, the famous engineer and builder of Waterloo Bridge and many other bridges. She always took the greatest interest in her husband's work, and travelled with him to many parts of the world.. Although, by reason of her great age, she had lost all her old friends, there were many of the younger generation who delighted in her company, keeping her supplied with the flowers that she loved so much. A nature so simple and yet so direct and childlike in its simplicity, very strong-willed and independent, she was a great character. She could admonish, but no one took offence. She could sympathize with the young and old, as none other. She was typically Victorian to the end of her days and the younger generation caused her much amusement. Her political views never changed and Mr. Gladstone remained "that wicked Mr. Gladstone" of the judgment of her youth. After the loss of her eldest son, Sir Ernest Rennie, only six weeks ago, a change set in. She will be missed by a large number of young and old.


1861 Census:

Cottage, Bagborough Street, West Bagborough, Somersetshire
Stewart Paget - Head - Married - 49 - Engineer - Dorsetshire
Charlotte Paget - Wife - 50 - London
Augusta - Daughter - Unmarried - 24 - 1837 - Anglesey
Charlotte J. - Daughter - Unmarrie - 22 - 1839 - Gibralter

1911 Census:

20 Lowndes Street S W, London
Charlotte Julia Rennie - Head - Widow - 73 - Gibralter

Charlotte Julia Paget