Birth: 8 May 1819

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Rogate, Sussex

Baptism: 4 June 1819

Place of Baptism: Rogate, Sussex

Death: 18 February 1843 - Aged 24

Place or Registered Place of Death: On Board H.M.S. Dublin

Father: Charles Paget

Mother: Elizabeth Araminta Monck


He died in 1843, at sea, unmarried.

Parliamentary Papers - 1838
Brownlow Henry Paget
Date of Entry into the Navy - 26 December 1831
Date of Commission as Lieutenant - 14 October 1838
Employed on Full Pay

Lieutenant Brownlow Henry Paget died on board HMS Dublin on 18 February 1843, aged 24 years.

Lt. Brownlow Henry Paget