Birth: 26 January 1802

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Plas-Newydd, Anglesey, Wales

Baptism: 17 March 1802

Place of Baptism: Longdon by Lichfield, Staffs

Death: 6 June 1872

Place or Registered Place of Death: Kingston, Middlesex

Father: Henry William Paget

Mother: Caroline Elizabeth Villiers

Spouse(s): Arthur Chichester

Date of Marriage: 27 July 1820

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. James, Westminster


From the Marriage to Arthur Chichester:

Harry Spencer Chichester (1821-1906)
Augustus George Charles Chichester (1822-1896)
Frederick Arthur Henry Chichester (1824-1863)
Adolphus William Chichester (1825-1855)
Caroline Georgiana Chichester (1826-1892)
Francis Algernon James Chichester (1829-1885)
Augusta Chichester (1831-1873)


Central Criminal Court
Old Bailey Proceedings - 4 April 1842

1132. MARTHA HARRINGTON was indicted for stealing, on the 7th of February, (£)15 l. bank-note; 10 sovereigns, 10 half-sovereigns, and 20 sixpences; the property of Augusta Paget, commonly called Lady Augusta Paget, her mistress:— also, for forging and uttering a receipt for the sum of 15s. 7d.— also, forging and uttering a receipt for the sum of 12s. 4d.; and embezzling the sum of (£)10l., which she has received on account of her said mistress: to all of which she pleaded.

GUILTY . Aged 40.— Transported for Seven Years.

BMD - Deaths - Augusta Templemore - Aged 70 - June Quarter, 1872 - Kingston, Middlesex

Lady Augusta Paget