Birth: 1935 - September Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Marylebone, London

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: Not Known

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: John William Frederick Guy Paget

Mother: Violet May Whitaker

Spouse(s): N/A

Date of Marriage: N/A

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: N/A


Birth from BMD - Anthony J. Paget - Mother, Whitaker - Marylebone - September 1935. Mention of Mary Whitaker's two year old son in her Obituary dated 1938:

The Times - January 27, 1938
Mrs. John Paget
At Leicester yesterday a verdict of "Death from accidental causes" was returned at an inquest on Violet May Paget, aged 28, wife of Mr. John Paget. She was fatally injured in a hunting accident on Monday.

Major Guy Paget, her father-in-law, said that on Monday Mrs. Paget was riding a grey horse when following the Fernie hounds. About 2.30 the hounds left Gumley Wood and went in the direction of Foxton. Just before she had said that the horse she had was the best she had ever ridden. She had had it all the season, and it was extremely good and accomplished. It had not made a mistake. She followed her husband over a fence, and the next thing Mr. Paget saw was the riderless horse galloping beside him. Mrs. Paget was found lying on the ground and was taken to a private hospital in Leicester, where she did not recover consciousness and died early yesterday morning. Major Paget said that so far as he knew no one actually saw her fall. It was rather a thick hedge with a double ditch.

Mrs. Paget was the daughter of Captain Percy Whitaker, the Newmarket trainer. Her marriage to Mr. John Paget took place in January, 1934. A son was born in 1935. She and her husband shared a love of horses and a keenness for riding. Mr. Paget is well known in Spain for his prowess in the bull ring, and during their honeymoon Mrs. Paget once rode into the ring to be his "bandillero."

The funeral will be private. Memorial services will be held at St. Clement Danes, Strand, and Lubenham, Market Harborough, to- morrow at 4 o'clock.

Sir Keith Fraser writes:-

The death of Mrs. Paget in the hunting field is greatly to be deplored. Loved by every one who knew her, she was a fearless rider to hounds with a beautiful seat and hands. It is terribly sad for a person of her vitality and love of life to be killed at such a youthful age. Very rarely has such a devoted couple as Mrs. Paget and her husband been seen, and all their thoughts were centred on their two-year-old child, Markie.

Mrs. Paget and her husband spent their honeymoon in Spain, where they both took part in bull fighting in an amateur capacity. They were also extremely lucky in escaping death when the car in which they were travelling was fired on by revolutionaries. Four bullets went through the coachwork of the car, but by a miracle no one was injured. Everybody will join with me in extending the greatest sympathy to her husband and to Captain and Mrs. Whitaker on the death of their beloved daughter.

Anthony J. (Markie) Paget