Birth: 1758 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Doulting, Somerset

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 7 September 1816 - Aged 58

Place or Registered Place of Death: Montacute, Somerset

Place of Burial: St. Catherine's, Montacute, Somerset

Father: John Paget

Mother: Anne Millward

Spouse(s): William Phelips

Date of Marriage: 17 April 1781

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Aldhelm, Doulting, Somerset


John Phelips (1784-1834)
William Phelips (1788-1833)
Robert Phelips (1791-1855)
Richard Colston Phelips (1800-1836)
Mary Phelips (-1844)
Edward Phelips (1789-)
Thomas Phelips (1796-)
Charles Henry Phelips (1799-1823)
Elizabeth Phelips (1795-)
Sarah Phelips (-)
Anne Phelips (-1804)


Marriage Record
County                                                        Somerset
Place                                                           Doulting
Church                                                        St Aldhelm
Register Number                                          127
Marriage Date                                              17 Apr 1781
Groom Forename                                         William
Groom Surname                                          PHELIPS
Groom Parish                                              Parish of Cucklington
Groom Occupation                                      Clerk
Bride Forename                                           Anna Alethia Elizabeth
Bride Surname                                             PAGET
Bride Parish                                                 Otp
Witness One Forename                                Sarah
Witness One Surname                                  PAGET
Witness Two Forename                               Wm
Witness Two Surname                                 PAGET
Notes                                                          Licence
File Number                                                 4819

Parish Records - Burial

Day:                            7
Month:                         Sep
Year:                           1816
Age:                            58
Forenames:                  Anna Aletheia Elizabetha
Surname:                     PHELIPS
Place:                          Montacute
Dedication:                   St Catherine
County:                        Somerset
Country:                      England
Type:                           Marble Tablet
Reference:                   15
Notes:                          Wife of Revd. W. Phelips and daughter of Revd. John Paget of Doulting

Anne (Anna) Aletheia Elizabeth(a) Paget