Birth: 3 October 1854

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Westminster, London, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 7 March 1947 - Aged 92

Place or Registered Place of Death: Chelsea, London

Father: Clarence Edward Paget

Mother: Martha Stuart Otway

Spouse(s): Henry Aldenburgh Bentinck

Date of Marriage: 9 July 1890

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Cadogan Square, London


The Autobiography of Admiral Lord Clarence E. Paget - pp. 129-130
"It was a great trial to be away from my wife at this time of her suffering. The same packet which brought, us the news of the great battle of Alma, gave me also the welcome tidings of her safe delivery of a daughter. Joyous day ! the cheering and general saluting for the victory was echoed by one supremely happy heart. could I do otherwise than call my daughter Alma ? So I wrote to Lord Raglan to congratulate him on his victory, and said that he was godfather to my son, and his magnificent achievement godmother to my daughter."

Colonist - New Zealand - 11 June 1895
The death of Lord Clarence Paget recalls a story of him when he was commanding a ship in the Baltic Fleet during the Crimean War. The Admiral, Sir Charles Napier, had just received telegraphic despatches from Lord Clarendon, who was our Ambassador in Paris at the time, informing him of the great victory of the Allies at the Alma, and these were being signalled to the fleet. Consequently, every telescope was fixed on the flagship as the news was repeated. At the conclusion, while every eye was being strained on the bunting, when it was ran aloft, in the eager expectation of further details of the battle, as the flags broke, the following message, much to the amusement of the whole squadron was read: “Lady Clarence Paget has a daughter." Lord Clarendon, being a friend of Lord Clarence Paget's, had telegraphed the information, little imagining that the announcement would be publicly made to the whole fleet. It was for that reason (says the 'World') that his eldest daughter, who is now married to Mr Bentinck. received the name of Alma.


1861 Census:

Admiralty Lord Clarence Paget, Whitehall, St Martins-In-The-Fields, Westminster
Clarence Paget - Head - Married - 49 - 1812 - Admiral, M.P., and Secretary to the Admiralty - London
Martha Paget - Wife - 28 - 1833 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Fitzroy R.G. Paget - Son - Unmarried - 7 - 1854 - London
Alma Martha Paget - Daughter - 6 - 1855 - London
Emily O.G. Paget - Daughter - 4 - 1857 - London

1871 Census:

Hyde Park St, St John Paddington, Marylebone
Clarence Paget - Head - 59 - Admiral - St. James, Westminster, Middlesex
Martha Paget - Wife - 44 - Edinburgh
Alma Paget - Daughter - 16 - Westminster, Middlesex
Emily Paget - Daughter - 14 - Westminster, Middlesex

Alma Martha Paget