Birth: 31 March 1865

Place or Registered Place of Birth: St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 3 November 1944

Place or Registered Place of Death: Cannes, France

Father: Alfred Henry Paget

Mother: Cecilia Wyndham

Spouse(s): Edward Arthur Colebrooke

Date of Marriage: 7 June 1899

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Peter's, Vere St., Marylebone, Middlesex


Mary Sydney Colebrooke (1890-)
Bridget Colebrooke (1892-1975)
Guy E. Colebrooke (1894-1921)


Complete Baronetage - 1906
Sir Edward Arthur Colebrooke, Baronet [1759], of Abington House, co. Lanark, aforesaid, 1st s. and h., b. Oct. 1861, at Ottershaw Park abovenamed; mat. at Oxford (Ch. Ch.), 21 May 1880, aged 18; Lieut. Lanarkshire Yeomanry Cavalry, 1882 ; suc. to the Baronetcy, 11 Jan. 1890; sometime Private Secretary to the Viceroy of Ireland. He m. 7 June 1889, at St. Peter's, Vere street, Marylebone, Alexandra Harriet, 7th da. of Gen. Lord Alfred Henry Paget (5th s. of Henry William, 1st Marquess of Anglesey), by Cecilia, da. and coheir of George Thomas Wyndham. She was b. 31 March 1865, Queen Alexandra (then Princess of Wales) being her sponsor.

Family Estates. - These in 1883 consisted of 29,604 acres in Lanarkshire (worth £9,282 a year), and 419 in Surrey. Total.- 30,023 acres, worth £9,986 a year. Sent. - Abington House, co. Lanark.

BMD Birth registered as "Female" June Quarter 1865.

Ellis Island - Passenger Records - Alexandra arrived in the USA in 1916
First Name: Alexandra
Last Name: Colebrooke
Ethnicity: Gt. Britain, English
Last Place of Residence: London, England
Date of Arrival: Apr 04, 1916
Age at Arrival: 50y Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Nieuw Amsterdam
Port of Departure: Falmouth, England
Manifest Line Number: 0017

The New York Times - June 6, 1916

A stranger. who evidently was not in sympathy with the war suggested that Lady Colebrooke seemed unusually pleased with her proficiency in munition making-a trade, by the way, which Lady Colebrooke acquired in a munition factory in England.

"Aren't you ashamed to encourage killing by making shells? he demanded bluntly. The large throng about the booth gasped indignantly, but Lady Colebrooke merely smiled.

"It depends. rather," she answered significantly and slowly, "for whom the shells are intended."

"The man was not very polite," was Lady Colebrooke's comment last night when asked about the incident by newspaper reporters. Lady Colebrooke's son, Lieutenant Guy Colebrooke, was in the recent naval fight in the North Sea, but a cablegram from Lord Colebrooke received by her yesterday announced that he had escaped without injury.

"I should have continued my task even if my son had died in the fighting," said Lady Colebrooke quietly.


1871 Census:

Address: Bushey Park, The Cottage, Hampton, Surrey
Lord Alfred Paget - Head - 58 - Colonel in the Army - Old Burlington St., London
Cecilia Paget - Wife - 52 - Norfolk
Gerald Paget - Son - 16 - Lieut. in Northumberland Militia - London
Sydney Paget - Son 13 - Scholar - London
Amy Paget - Daughter - 12 - Scholar - London
Alberta Paget - Daughter - 11 - Scholar - London
Almeric Paget - Son - 11 - Scholar - London
Alice Paget - Daughter - 8 - Scholar - London
Alexandra Paget - Daughter - 6 - Scholar - London
Guenevere Paget - Daughter - 2 - London

1891 Census:

The Hall, High Street, Somerby, Leicestershire
Alexandra was staying with her brother Gerald.
Gerald Paget - Head - Married - 36 - Living on own means - London
Lucy Paget - Wife - 36 - Brighton, Sussex
Dorothy Paget - Daughter - 13 - London
Lettice Paget - Daughter - 11 - Bushey Park, Middlesex
Sydney Paget - Brother - Single - 32 - London
Alex Colebrooke - Sister - 26 - London

Alexandra Harriet Paget