Birth: 11 February 1804

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Plas Newydd, Anglesey, Wales

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 9 October 1845

Place or Registered Place of Death: Bedford, Bedfordshire

Place of Burial: Potter's Bar Church, Family Vault

Father: Field Marshal Sir Henry William Paget

Mother: Lady Caroline Elizabeth Villiers

Spouse(s): Captain George Stevens Byng, 2nd Earl of Strafford & Viscount Enfield

Date of Marriage: 7 March 1829

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Upper Brook Street, London (Duke of Argyle's Residence)


George Henry Charles Byng, Viscount Enfield, later 3rd Earl of Strafford (1830-1898)
Henry William John Byng, 4th Earl of Strafford (1831-1899)
Agnes Mary Georgiana Byng (1833-1878)
Francis Edmund Cecil Byng, 5th Earl of Stafford (1835-1918)
Mary Caroline Charlotte Byng (1838-1933).
Victoria Alexandrina Anna Maria Byng (1839c-1899)


The Carlyle Letters

JWC (Jane Welsh Carlyle) to Thomas Carlyle - 17 August 1842
"........On our return from Ampton we found Mr Loft waiting to tea with us—the elder brother of the Aids-to-self-development-Lofts—an affectionate intelligent looking man but “terribly off for a language”—tho he has been in India and is up in years—he looks as frightened as a hare— There were also here yesterday, the Grandees of the district Mr and the Lady Agnes Byng—one of the Pagets “whom we all know”—an advent which produced no inconsiderable emotion in our radical household!—for my part I made myself scarce—and thereby “missed” Reginald told me “such an immensity of petty talk—the Queen the Queen at every word with Lady Agnes”


JWC to Thomas Carlyle - 23 August 1842
the next day however my head was rather worse than better—so that I would fair have “declined from” calling on Lady Agnes—but Mrs Buller was bent on going to Livermere, and so as I did not feel up to walking, it was my only chance of getting any fresh air and exercise that day—to Livermere we went then before dinner. the dinner being deferred till five o'clock—to suit the more fashionable hours of our visitées— “The Pagets” seem to be extremely like other mortals—neither better nor bonnier nor wiser— To do them justice however, they might, as we found them, having been sitting for a picture of high-life doing the amiable and the rural in the country— They had placed a table under the shadow of a beech-tree—and at this sat Mr Byng studying the Examiner, Lady Agnes reading “O nothing at all, only some nonsense that Lord Londonderry has been printing—I cannot think what has tempted him”!—and a boy and girl marking for a cricket-party consisting of all the men servants, and two older little sons, who were playing for the entertainment of their Master and mistress and their own—the younger branches ever and anon clapping their hands and calling out “what fun”! I may mention for your consolation that Mr Byng (a tall gentlemanly blazé looking young man was dressed from head to foot in unbleached linen—while Babbie may take a slight satisfaction to her curiosity DE FEMME [of a woman], from knowing how a Paget attires herself of a morning, to sit under a beech tree!—a white flowered muslin pelisse over pale blue satin—a black lace scarf fastened against her heart with a little gold horse-shoe, her white neck tolerably revealed, and set off with a brooch of diamonds—immense gold bracelets—an immence gold chain a little white silk bonnet with a profusion of blond and flowers—thus had she prepared herself for being rural! but with all this finery she looked a good hearted rattling clever-haverel sort of a woman—her account of Lord Londonderry's sentimental dedication to his wife was perfect; “from a goose to a goose”!—and she defended herself with her pocket handkerchief against the wasps with an energy!

Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Volume 1 - 1830
22nd. In Upper Brook-street, Lady Agnes Byng of a s. and h.

The Royal Lady's Magazine - 1831
On the 21st (August) in Eaton Square, the Lady Agnes Byng, of a son.

The United Service Journal - Part 1 - 1835
January 15, in Eaton-square, Lady Agnes Byng, of a son.

The Gentleman's Magazine - 1838
23. In Eaton-square, the Lady Agnes Byng, a dau.

Lady Agnes Paget